Medical Applications of Lasers
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Medical Applications of Lasers

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D. R. Vij
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Preface. Contributing Authors. 1. Elements of Laser Emission Process; K. Mahesh, D.R. Vij. 2. Laser-Tissue Interaction; C.H.G. Wright, S.F. Barrett, A.J. Welch. Appendix: Helpful Mathematical Relations. 3. Laser Ophthalmology; S.F. Barrett, C.H.G. Wright, A.J. Welch. 4. Laser Cardiology: Part-A: Laser Therapy and Diagnosis; S. Einav. Part-B: Some Case Studies; M. Okada. 5. Laser Tomography; D.A. Zimnyakov, V.V. Tuchin. 6. Lasers in Urology; S.K. Sharma, A.K. Hemal. 7. Lasers in Lithotripsy; T.A. Wollin, R.B. Moore. 8. Laser Dermatology; G. Dougherty, T. Ryan. 9. Laser Dentistry; M.H. Niemz. 10. Lasers in Gynaecology; D. Takkar, A. Sinha. 11. Laser Safety in Medicine; K. Barat. Resource Material. Appendix: Glossary of Terms in Lasers and Devices. Subject Index.
A careful review of the literature covering various aspects of applications of lasers in science and technology reveals that lasers are being applied very widely throughout the entire gamut of physical medicine. After surveying the current developments taking place in the field of medical applications of lasers, it was considered appropriate to bring together these efforts of international research scientists and experts into one volume. It is with this aim that the editors have prepared this volume which brings current research and recent developments to the attention of a wide spectrum of readership associated with hospitals, medical institutions and universities world wide, including also the medical instrument industry. Both teachers and students in the medical faculties will especially find this compendium quite useful. This book is comprised of eleven chapters. All of the important medical applications of lasers are featured. The editors have made every effort that individual chapters are self-contained and written by experts. Emphasis has been placed on straight and simple presentation of the subject matter so that even the new entrants into the field will find the book of value.