Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems
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Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems

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Benoît Caillaud
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"List of Figures. List of Tables. Part I: Decentralized Systems and Control. Recent Advances on the Control of Partially-Observed Discrete-Event Systems; S. Lafortune, K. Rohloff, Tae-Sic Yoo. From Global Specifications to Distributed Implementations; M. Mukund. Problems and Examples of Decentralized Observation and Control; A. Puri, S. Tripakis, P. Varaiya. Towards Synthesis of ACMs; A. Yakovlev, Fei Xia. STCT: An Efficient Algorithm for Supervisory Control Design; Zhonghua Zhang, W.M. Wonham.
Part II: Modular Design. Towards Modular Synthesis of EN Systems; L. Bernardinello, C. Ferigato, L. Pomello. Adaptive Supervisory Control; R.K. Boel. Modelling with Petri Modules; G. Juhßs, R. Lorenz.
Part III: Petri Net Supervision. Optimal Petri Net Monitor Design; F. Basile, P. Chiacchio, A. Giua. Live and Maximally Permissive Controller Synthesis Using Theory of Regions; A. Ghaffari, N. Rezg, X. Xie. Design of Observers/Controllers for DES Using PNs; A. Giua, C. Seatzu.
Part IV: Nonblocking, Liveness and Concurrency. Implementation Considerations in Supervisory Control; P. Dietrich, R. Malik, W.M. Wonham, B.A. Brandin. Liveness Enforcing Supervision for Sequential Resource Allocation Systems; S.A. Reveliotis. Looking for Diamonds; M. Bednarczyk, P. Darondeau."
This book aims at providing a view of the current trends in the development of research on Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems. Papers col lected in this volume are based on a selection of talks given in June and July 2001 at two independent meetings: the Workshop on Synthesis of Concurrent Systems, held in Newcastle upon Tyne as a satellite event of ICATPN/ICACSD and organized by Ph. Darondeau and L. Lavagno, and the Symposium on the Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems (SCODES), held in Paris as a satellite event of CAV and organized by B. Caillaud and X. Xie. Synthesis is a generic term that covers all procedures aiming to construct from specifications given as input objects matching these specifications. The ories and applications of synthesis have been studied and developped for long in connection with logics, programming, automata, discrete event systems, and hardware circuits. Logics and programming are outside the scope of this book, whose focus is on Discrete Event Systems and Supervisory Control. The stress today in this field is on a better applicability of theories and algorithms to prac tical systems design. Coping with decentralization or distribution and caring for an efficient realization of the synthesized systems or controllers are of the utmost importance in areas so diverse as the supervision of embedded or man ufacturing systems, or the implementation of protocols in software or in hard ware.