Analog Circuit Design
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Analog Circuit Design

Scalable Analog Circuit Design, High Speed D/A Converters, RF Power Amplifiers
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Johan Huijsing
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Preface. Part I: Scalable Analog Circuit Design. Introduction. Scalable High-Speed Analog Circuit Design; M. Vertregt, P. Scholtens. Scalable High Resolution Mixed Mode Circuit Design; R.J. Brewer. Scalable 'High Voltages' Integrated Circuit Design for XDSL Type of Applications; D. Rossi. Scalability of Wire-Line Analog Front-Ends; K. Bult. Reusable IP Analog Circuit Design; J. Hauptmann, A. Wiesbauer, H. Weinberger. Process Migration Tools for Analog and Digital Circuits; K. Francken, G. Gielen.
Part II: High-Speed D/A Converters. Introduction. Introduction to High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Converter Design; R. van de Plassche. Design Considerations for a Retargetable 12b 200MHz CMOS Current-Steering DAC; J. Vital, A. Marques, P. Azevedo, J. Franca. High-Speed CMOS DA Converters for Upstream Cable Applications; R. Roovers. Solving Static and Dynamic Performance Limitations for High Speed D/A Converter; A. Van den Bosch, M. Steyaert, W. Sansen. High Speed Digital-Analog Converters - The Dynamic Linearity Challenge; A.R. Bugeja. A 400-MHz, 10-bit Charge Domain CMOS D/A Converter for Low-Spurious Frequency Synthesis; K. Khanoyan, F. Behbahani, A.A. Abidi.
Part III: RF Power Amplifiers. Introduction. Design Considerations for RF Power Amplifiers demonstrated through a GSM/EDGE Power Amplifier Module; P. Baltus, A. van Bezooijen. Class-E High-Efficiency RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers: Principles of Operation, Design Procedures, and Experimental Verification; N.O. Sokal. Linear Transmitter Architectures; L. Sundström. GaAs Microwave SSPA's: Design and characteristics; A.P. de Hek, F.E. van Vliet. Monolithic Transformer-Coupled RF Power Amplifiers in SI-Bipolar; W. Simbürger, D. Kehrer, A. Heinz,H.D. Wohlmuth, M. Rest, K. Aufinger, A.L. Scholtz. Low Voltage PA Design in Standard CMOS; K. Mertens, M. Steyaert.
This book contains the revised contributions of the 18 tutorial speakers at the tenth AACD 2001 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, April 24-26. The conference was organized by Marcel Pelgrom, Philips Research Eindhoven, and Ed van Tuijl, Philips Research Eindhoven and Twente University, Enschede, the Netherlands. The program committee consisted of: Johan Huijsing, Delft University of Technology Arthur van Roermund, Eindhoven University of Technology Michiel Steyaert, Catholic University of Leuven The program was concentrated around three main topics in analog circuit design. Each of these topics has been covered by six papers. The three main topics are: Scalable Analog Circuit Design High-Speed D/A Converters RF Power Amplifiers Other topics covered before in this series: 2000 High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters Mixed Signal Design PLL's and Synthesizers 1999 XDSL and other Communication Systems RF MOST Models Integrated Filters and Oscillators 1998 1-Volt- Electronics Mixed-Mode Systems Low-Noise and RF Power Amplifiers for Telecommunication vii viii 1997 RF A-D Converters Sensor and Actuator Interfaces Low-Noise Oscillators, PLL's and Synthesizers 1996 RF CMOS Circuit Design Bandpass Sigma Delta and other Converters Translinear Circuits 1995 Low-Noise, Low-Power, Low-Voltage Mixed Mode with CAD Trials Voltage, Current and Time References 1994 Low-Power Low Voltage Integrated Filters Smart power 1993 Mixed-Mode A/D Design Sensor Interfaces Communications Circuits 1992 Op Amps ADC's Analog CAD We hope to serve the analog design community with these series of books and plan to continue this series in the future. Johan H.