From Knowledge Intensive CAD to Knowledge Intensive Engineering
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From Knowledge Intensive CAD to Knowledge Intensive Engineering

IFIP TC5 WG5.2. Fourth Workshop on Knowledge Intensive CAD May 22-24, 2000, Parma, Italy
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Umberto Cugini
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Preface. Part One: Invited Talk. Knowledge-based Innovation - a Technology of the Future; S. Ikovenko. Part Two: Architecture. 1. Leadership Based Agent Architecture; J.D. Summers, J.J. Shah. Part Three: Methodologies. 2. Design Simplification by Analogical Reasoning; M.E. Balazs, D.C. Brown. 3. Geometric Exemplars; B. Bettig, J.D. Summers, J.J. Shah. 4. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining within a Design Environment; M.K.D. Haffey, A.H.B. Duffy. 5. A Framework for Knowledge Intensive 'Artefact Life' Design; J.C. Borg, X. Yan, N.P. Juster. Part Four: Tools. 6. Representation and Conversion of Dimension Units in CAD Data Models; D. Roller, O. Eck, B. Rieg, D. Schäfer. 7. Managing CAD Data as a Multimedia Data Type Using Digital Watermarking; R. Ohbuchi, H. Masuda. Part Five: Implementation. 8. Integration of Life-cycle Constraints in Design Activity; S. Tichkiewitch, D. Brissaud. 9. Document-based Design Process Knowledge Management for Knowledge Intensive Engineering; Y. Nomaguchi, M. Yoshioka, T. Tomiyama. Part Six: Application. 10. Integrated Product and Process Design of Microwave Modules Using AI Planning and Integer Programming; D.S. Nau, et al. 11. How to Represent 'Intelligent' Components in a Product Model; L. Susca, F. Mandorli, C. Rizzi. 12. Topological Constraints in Ship Design; L. Solano, I. Gurrea, P. Brunet. 13. Kinematics Support for Design and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems; R. Sinha, C.J.J. Paredis, P.K. Khosla. Part Seven: Formal Methods. 14.Towards a Logical Framework for Engineering Design Processes; F.A. Salustri. 15. On Engineering Design Generation with XML-based Knowledge-Enhanced Grammars; S. Rudolph, H. Noser. Part Eight: Evolution. 16. Issues in Building and Evaluating Networked Engineering Environments; W.C. Regli, V. Zaychik, T. Hewett, J. Sevy. 17. Towards a Methodology for Estimating the Global Impacts of Innovative Design Scenarii; D. Deneux, O. Sénéchal, F. Tomala, M. Lawson. Author index. Keyword index.
IFIP Working Group 5.2 has organized a series of workshops extending the concept of intelligent CAD to the concept of "knowledge intensive engineering". The concept advocates that intensive life-cycle knowledge regarding products and design processes must be incorporated in the center of the CAD architecture. It focuses on the systematization and sharing of knowledge across the life-cycle stages and organizational boundaries. From Knowledge Intensive CAD to Knowledge Intensive Engineering comprises the Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Knowledge Intensive CAD, which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and held in Parma, Italy in May 2000. This workshop looked at the evolution of knowledge intensive design for the product life cycle moving towards knowledge intensive engineering.
The 18 selected papers present an overview of the state-of-the-art in knowledge intensive engineering, discussing theoretical aspects and also practical systems and experiences gained in this area. An invited speaker paper is also included, discussing the role of knowledge in product and process innovation and technology for processing semantic knowledge.
Main issues discussed in the book are:
Architectures for knowledge intensive CAD;
Tools for knowledge intensive CAD;
Methodologies for knowledge intensive CAD;
Implementation of knowledge intensive CAD;
Applications of knowledge intensive CAD;
Evolution of knowledge intensive design for the life-cycle;
Formal methods. The volume is essential reading for researchers, graduate and postgraduate students, systems developers of advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, and engineers involved in industrial applications.