High Performance Computing Systems and Applications
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High Performance Computing Systems and Applications

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Nikitas J. Dimopoulos
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Preface. Part I: Keynote Presentation. 1. C3.ca: The State of Our Union; A. Pollard. Part II: Distributed Systems and Architecture. 2. A Performance Evaluation of the ACORN Architecture; V.C. Bhavsar, et al. 3. Towards a High Performance Extensible Grid Architecture; K. Krauter, M. Maheswaran. 4. On the Feasibility of Time-Parallel Discrete Event Simulations over Local and Wide Area Networks; I. Nikolaidis. 5. A Mobile Agent-based Approach to Web-based Distributed Computing; Q.H. Mahmoud. 6. A Dynamic Scheme in Support of Scalability in General Purpose Distributed Virtual Environments; R. Fortier, R.D. Kent. Part III: Numerical Methods and Simulation. 7. Accuracy of Monte Carlo Method for Solution of Linear Algebraic Equations Using PLFG and rand(); Chih Jeng K. Tan, et al. 8. Numerical Simulation of the Growth of GachiIn1-chiSb by the Travelling Heater Method; S. Dost, et al. 9. High Performance Computation for Time Domain Electromagnetic Simulations; E.Q. Hu, et al. Part IV: Network Algorithms and Protocols. 10. Modelling of Adaptive Wormhole-Routed Hypercubes in the Presence of Broadcast Traffic; A. Shahrabi, et al. 11. Frame-Based Fair Queueing: A Hardware Design for ATM Networks; H. Fattah, et al. 12. Analysis of Frame-Based Fair Queueing under Self-Similar Traffic; H. Fattah, F. Elguibaly. Part V: Computer Architecture I. 13. Reducing Cache Miss Penalty Using I-Fetch Instructions; Shusuke Okamoto, Takata Kazuyoshi. 14. Reducing Indirect Mispredictions of Two-STAGE Branch Predictors; Yul Chu, M.R. Ito. 15. Data Prefetching Using Dual Processors; See-Mu Kim, S. Manoharan. Part VI: Computer Architecture II. 16. THOR: A Multi-purpose Commodity Component Supercomputer; J.L. Pinfold. 17. A New Methodology for Stack Operations Folding for Java Microprocessors; M.W. El-Kharashi, et al. 18. Communication Prediction in Message-Passing Multiprocessors; A. Afsahi, N.J. Dimopoulos. Part VII: Distributed Memory. 19. A Preliminary Study of Cache-Only Write Detection Technique for Nautilus DSM; M.D. Marino, G.L. de Campos. 20. Analysis of a Lightweight Transport Protocol for High-Performance Computing; M.A.R. Dantas, et al. 21. The GENESIS Cluster Operating System Supporting Parallel Processing; A. Goscinski, et al. Part VIII: High Performance Computing Applications I. 22. Using a HPC System for the Simulation of the Trajectories of Solar Wind Particles in the Ionosphere; G.V.G. Baranoski, J.G. Rokne. 23. Parallel MHD for Large-scale Plasma Simulation; R. Rankin, S. Roupassov. Part IX: Parallel Algorithms. 24. Parallel Broadcasting Scheme for Approximate String Matching with K-Mismatches; Jin Hwan Park, Keqin Li. 25. Organization and Evaluation of Parallel Logic Simulator on a PC Cluster; Koichi Wada, et al. 26. Block Based Compression Storage Expected Performance; S. Vassiliadis, et al. 27. Distributing Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms for Grid Computing; R.D. Kent, et al.
High Performance Computing Systems and Applications contains a selection of fully refereed papers presented at the 14th International Conference on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications held in Victoria, Canada, in June 2000. This book presents the latest research in HPC Systems and Applications, including distributed systems and architecture, numerical methods and simulation, network algorithms and protocols, computer architecture, distributed memory, and parallel algorithms. It also covers such topics as applications in astrophysics and space physics, cluster computing, numerical simulations for fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and crystal growth, networks and the Grid, and biology and Monte Carlo techniques. High Performance Computing Systems and Applications is suitable as a secondary text for graduate level courses, and as a reference for researchers and practitioners in industry.