Electricity Pricing in Transition
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Electricity Pricing in Transition

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Ahmad Faruqui
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42, Topics in Regulatory Economics
Contributors. Foreword; G.B. Swofford. Preface; A. Faruqui, K. Eakin. Section I: The Restructured Organization. 1. Profiling the Critical Role of the New Pricing Organization; M. O'Sheasy, R. Camfield. 2. Pricing Generation Supplier Coordination Obligations: The New Service of the Investor Owned Electric Delivery Service Company; G.R. Pleat. 3. Restructuring the Electric Enterprise: Simulating the Evolution of the Electric Power Industry with Intelligent Adaptive Agents; M. Amin. 4. Electricity Restructuring in Practice; R.L. Gordon. Section II: Competitive Pricing. 5. Challenges in Designing Default Retail Electric Service: What Regulated Retail Services Should Be Available Following Restructuring; J.L. Jurewitz. 6. Energy Markets and Capacity Values: How Complex Should Pricing Be? R.J. Michaels. 7. How to Make Power Markets Competitive; S.A. Van Vactor, S.A. Blumsack. 8. Is Market Based Pricing a Form of Price Discrimination? K. Eakin, A. Faruqui. 9. Use of Market Research in a Competitive Environment; M.V. Williams, Z.A. Awad. Section III: Demand Response and Product Design. 10. Price Responsive Electric Demand: A National Necessity, Not an Option; R. Broehm, P. Fox-Penner. 11. Price-Responsive Load Among Mass-Market Customers; D.M. Violette. 12. RTP Customer Demand Response: Empirical Evidence on How Much Can You Expect; S.D. Braithwait, M. O'Sheasy. 13. Negawatt Pricing: Why Now is the Time in Competitive Electricity Markets; F.P. Sioshansi. 14. Innovative Retail Pricing: A Pacific Northwest Case Study; A. Chung, et al. 15. Self-Designed Electricity Products; R. Camfield, et al. Section IV: The California Experience. 16. The California Electricity Manifesto: Choices Made and Opportunities Lost; C. Danner, et al. 17. California's Energy Crisis: What's Going On, Who's to Blame and What to Do; J. Taylor, P. VanDoren. 18. Empirical Evidence of Strategic Bidding in the California ISO Real-Time Market; A. Sheffrin. 19. Energy Modeling From Conference: Retail Participation in Competitive Power Markets; E. Farrow. Section V: Markets and Regulation. 20. Market-Based U.S. Electricity Prices: A Multi-Model Evaluation; H.G. Huntington. 21. The Essential Role of Earnings Sharing in the Design of Successful Performance-Based Regulation Programs; K.A. McDermott, C.R. Peterson. 22. How Transmission Affects Market Power in Reserve Services; L.D. Kirsch. 23. RTP and Demand Side Participation in Restructured Electricity Market; R.H. Patrick, F.A. Wolak.
Electricity Pricing In Transition is written to address the new issues facing utilities, retailers, regulators, and customers in the changing electricity market. It is organized into five sections. Section I deals with the new restructured organization that has emerged from yesterday's vertically integrated, regulated monopoly company. Section II deals with issues in competitive pricing. Section III reviews the role of demand response and product design in today's chaotic marketplace. Given the single importance of California's energy crisis and the fact that it will be studied for years to come, Section IV is devoted to studying the lessons learned from this crisis. The final section of the book deals with markets and regulations.This book will provide practitioners with guidance on how to avoid the major pitfalls in pricing electricity while the market is in transition by drawing upon the insights and lessons learned from the experience of others that are documented in this book.