Urban Air Quality: Measurement, Modelling and Management
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Urban Air Quality: Measurement, Modelling and Management

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Urban Air Quality: Measurement, Modelling and Management Held at the Computer Science School of the Technical University of Madrid 3-5 March 1999
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Ruwim Berkowicz
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This volume contains peer-reviewed papers on the latest advances in the urban air quality research field.
Preface; R.S. Sokhi. Emissions. Exposure/Indoor Air Pollution. Air Quality Measurements. Aerosols. Complex Geometry and Physical Modelling. Modelling. Roadside Air Pollution. Air Quality Management.
Since the first international conference on urban air quality, held at the University ofHertfordshire in 1996, significant advances have taken place in the field of urban air pollution. In addition to the scientific advances in the measurement, modelling and management of urban air quality, significant progress has been achieved in relation to the establishment of major frameworks to ensure a more effective mechanism for international collaboration. Two such frameworks are SATURN (Studying Atmospheric Pollution in Urban Areas) and TRAPOS (Optimisation of Modelling Methods for Traffic Pollution in Streets). In response to such advances, the second international conference was held at the Technical University of Madrid in March 1999 with active participation of SATURN and TRAPOS investigators. The organisation of the conference was headed by the Institute of Physics in collaboration with the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Hertfordshire. The support of IUAPPA and AWMA ensured a truly worldwide promotion and participation. The meeting attracted 140 scientists from 26 different countries establishing it as a major forum for exchanging and discussing the latest research fmdings in this field.