The Eurogang Paradox: Street Gangs and Youth Groups in the U.S. and Europe
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The Eurogang Paradox: Street Gangs and Youth Groups in the U.S. and Europe

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Malcolm Klein
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Preface. Acknowledgements.Introduction to Part 1. 1. Resolving the Eurogang Paradox; M.W. Klein. 2. The Impact of Organizational Features on Gang Activities and Relationships; S. Decker. 3. Globalization, Gangs, and Collaborative Research; J.M. Hagedorn. 4. Advantages of Longitudinal Research Designs in Studying Gang Behavior; T.P. Thornberry, P.K. Porter. 5. The Proliferation of Gangs in the United States; G.D. Curry. 6. Young Gang Members in a School Survey; F.-A. Esbensen, D.P. Lynskey. 7. Young Women's Involvement in Gangs in the United States: An Overview; J. Miller.
Introduction to Part II. 8. Towards a Problem-Oriented Approach to Youth Groups in The Hague; P. Gruter, P. Versteegh. 9. Crips in Orange: Gangs and Groups in The Netherlands; F. van Gemert. 10. Gangstas or Lager Louts? Working Class Street Gangs in Manchester; D. Mares. 11. The Concept of Honor, Conflict and Violent Behavior among Youths in Oslo; I.-L. Lien. 12. Street Gangs and Crime Prevention in Copenhagen; A. Stevns. 13. Patterns of Ethnic Violence in a Frankfurt Street Gang; H. Tertilt. 14. Evolution of Delinquent Gangs in Russia; A. Salagaev. 15. Youth Gangs in France: A Socio-Ethnographic Approach; M. Esterle-Hedibel. 16. Other Gang Situations in Europe; M.W. Klein.
Introduction to Part III. 17. Group Criminality; A. Hakkert, et al. 18. Gang Membership in Bremen and Denver: Comparative Longitudinal Data; D. Huizinga, K.F. Schumann. 19. Groups of Violent Young Males in Germany; J. Kersten. 20. Criminal Networks in Stockholm; J. Sarnecki, T. Pettersson. 21. Gang-Like Groups in Slovenia; B. Dekleva. 22. The Group Aspect of Youth Crime and Youth Gangs in Brussels: What We Do Know and Especially What We Don't Know; C. Vercaigne. 23. A Proposal for Multi-Site Study of European Gangs and Youth Groups; C.L. Maxson. 24. Gangs in Europe: Assessments at the Millennium; E.G.M. Weitekamp.
Part IV. 25. Bridging the American/European Contexts: Interventions, Communities, Youth Groups, and Moral Panics; Editors.
This is the first comprehensive collection of original research reports on the status of street gangs and problematic youth groups in Europe, as well as a set of special, state-of-the-art reports on the current status of American street gang research and its implications for the European gang situation. Professionals and students will find these papers easy to comprehend yet fully informative on comparative street gang studies.