International Space Station: The Next Space Marketplace
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International Space Station: The Next Space Marketplace

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Michael J. Rycroft
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4, Space Studies

Acknowledgements. Foreword. Keynote Address. ISS: From Political to Scientific and Economic Preeminence; W. Kröll, H.W. Ripken. Session 1: Management of the Research and Development Process. Session Chair; J.G. Vaz. Brazilian Participation in the International Space Station, with an Emphasis on Microgravity Research; J.G. Vaz, J.A. Guimarães. BEOS - A New Approach to Promote and Organize Industrial ISS Utilization; B. Bratke, et al. Protein Crystallography Services on the International Space Station; M. Harrington, et al. Commercial Protein Crystallisation Facility: Experiences from the STS 95 Mission; W. Lork, et al. The ISS, an Opportunity for Technology in Space; J. Tailhades, D. Routier. ISS: Management of the Commercial Research and Development Process; R. Moslener. Report on Panel Discussion 1. Management of the Research & Development Process; O. Gurtuna, C. Rousseau. Session 2: Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Use ISS for Profit. Session Chair: J.K. von der Lippe. Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Use the ISS for Profit; J.K. von der Lippe. From Space Station to Space Tourism: The Role of ISS in Public Access to Space; E. Dahlstrom, E. Paat-Dahlstrom. International Space Station Commercialization: Can Canada Blaze the Trail Forward? A. Eddy, A. Poirier. Transitioning to Commercial Exploitation of Space; D. Hamill, M. Kearney. International Space Station Commercialization Study; J.J. Richardson. Report on Panel Discussion 2. Entrepreneurial Initiatives to Use the ISS for Profit; I. Gracnar, A. Lindskold. Session 3: ISS for Education and Public Awareness. Session Chair: N. Ochanda. Searching for New Opportunities from the International Space Station, and Using Them in Eastern Africa; N. Ochanda. International Space Station: New Uses in a Marketplace of Ideas; J.D. Burke. ISS &endash; The First International Space Classroom: International Cooperation in Hands-on-Space Education; V.A. Cassanto, D.C. Lobão. Art Module `MICHELANGELO': A Possibility for Non-Scientific ISS Utilization; C. Wilp, B. Bratke. Space Education and Space-Based Education: The Russian Experience; O. Zhdanovich, D. Pieson. Report on Panel Discussion 3. Education and Public Awareness; L. Higgs, C.P. Karunaharan. Session 4: Innovative Approaches to Legal and Regulatory Issues. Session Chair: A. Farand. Legal Environment for Exploitation of the International Space Station (ISS); A. Farand. Promotion of Industrial ISS Utilization by the German Space Agency; F. Claasen, et al. Commercial Management for the Space Station: Making the ISS More Accessible to All; G. Inoue, J. Maroothynaden. A United Nations Module on ISS: A Study; V. Lappas. Report on Panel Discussion 4. Innovative Approaches to Legal and Regulatory Issues; O. Tomofumi, R. Mittal. Session 5: Technical and Management Innovations for ISS. Session Chair: M. Uhran. Commercial Development of the International Space Station; M.L. Uhran. Enabling Better Science: A Commercial Communications Payload for the International Space Station; D. Beering. Commercialization of Management Know-How Generated by the ISS Program; M. Bosch. An Initial Strategy for Commercial Industry Awareness of the International Space Station; C. Jorgensen. Market Potentital for the International Space Station (ISS) Service Sector; R. Nakagawa, R. Askew. ISS: Overview of Where Station is at and a Concept for Commercial Utilization; J. Worley. Report on Panel Discussion 5. Technical and Management Innovations for ISS; R. Alexander, E. Benzi. Session 6: Concluding Panel. Session Chair: K. Doetsch. Report on the Concluding Panel; P. Messina, T. Brisibe. Poster Papers. The International Space Station: Expanding our Knowledge of Reactions to Microgravity and Methods to Compensate the Effects of Gravity in Relation to Certain Species of Bires; L. Higgs. Diagnostic Solution Assistant (DSA): Intelligent System Monitoring, Management, Analysis, and Administration; C. Holland. Measurements of Raised Intra-Cranial Pressure, a Cause of Spa
This book addresses issues of ISS utilization and operations from all perspectives, especially the commercial viewpoint, as well as for scientific research and technological development, and education in the widest sense of the word. It will be of great interest to those working in industry, academia and government, particularly in public-private partnerships.