Does Marketing Need Reform?: Fresh Perspectives on the Future: Fresh Perspectives on the Future
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Does Marketing Need Reform?: Fresh Perspectives on the Future: Fresh Perspectives on the Future

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Jagdish N. Sheth
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1. Introduction: Does Marketing Need Reform? Jagdish N. Sheth and Rajendra S. Sisodia; Part 1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Marketing's Image, Excess, and Resistance Problems; 2. Coming to Concurrence: Improving Marketing Productivity by Reengaging Resistant Consumers, J. Walker Smith; 3. The Image of Marketing, Jagdish N. Sheth, Rajendra S. Sisodia, and Adina Barbulescu; 4. Why Marketing Needs Reform, Johny K. Johansson; 5. Marketing Reform: The Case of Excessive Buying, Naresh K. Malhotra, Lan Wu, and Fred C. Allvine; Part 2. Are Marketing's Problems Self-Correcting?; 6. Does Reform Need Reform? Steven Brown; 7. The Morality of Markets, Marketing, and the Corporate Purpose, Debra Jones Ringold; 8. On Reforming Marketing: For Marketing Systems and Brand Equity Strategy, Shelby D. Hunt; 9. Does Marketing Need Reform? Personal Reflections, Russell S. Winer; 10. Reform, Reclamation, or Improvement: Reinventing Marketing, David W. Stewart; Part 3. Rethinking Marketing's Sacred Cows; 11. Challenging the Mental Models of Marketing, Yoram (Jerry) Wind; 12. Whither "Marketing"? Commentary on the AMA's New Definition of Marketing, Gregory T. Gundlach; 13. Interaction Orientation: The New Marketing Competency, V. Kumar and Girish Ramani; 14. Customer Advocacy: The Start of a New Paradigm in Marketing? Glen L. Urban; 15. Does Marketing Need to Transcend Modernism? A. Faut Firat and Nikhilesh Dholakia; 16. From Marketing to the Market: A Call for Paradigm Shift, Alladi Venkatesh and Lisa Penaloza; Part 4. Adjusting to Marketing's Changing Context; 17. Ethical Lapses of Marketers, Philip Kotler; 18. The Price Is Unfair! Reforming Pricing Management, Kent B. Monroe and Lan Xia; 19. Marketing to the New Customer Majority, David Wolfe; 20. Questions Marketers Need to Answer, Tim Ambler; 21. Marketing's Final Frontier: The Automation of Consumption, Jagdish N. Sheth and Rajendra S. Sisodia; 22. The Marketing-IT Paradox: Interactions from the Customer's Perspective, Pierre Berthon and Joby John; Part 5. Marketing and Its Stakeholders; 23. Making Marketing Accountable: A Broader View, Katherine N. Lemon and Kathleen Seiders; 24. Out of Sight and Out of Our Mind: What of Those Left Behind by Globalism? Russell Belk; 25. Expanding the Perspective: Making U.S. Marketing Relevant for the New World Order, Susan P. Douglas and C. Samuel Craig; 26. What Can Industrializing Countries Do to Avoid the Need for Marketing Reform? Kerry Chipp, Scott Hoenig, and Deon Nel; 27. Leveraging Marketing's Influence in Team and Group Settings, Anne Stringfellow and Sandy Jap; Part 6. Academia, Heal Thyself: Reforming Marketing Scholarship and Education; 28. The World of Marketing Thought: Where Are We Heading? William L. Wilkie; 29. Marketing: A Tale of Two Cities, Gary L. Lilien; 30. Marketing or Marketers: What or Who Needs Reforming? Rajiv Grover; 31. Revitalizing the Role of Marketing in Business Organizations: What Can Poor Academics Do to Help? Jagmohan S. Raju; 32. Does Marketing Need Reform School? Morris B. Holbrook; 33. Musings on the Need for Reform in Marketing, Rajan Varadarajan; Part 7. A New Mission for Marketing; 34. Marketing: A Perpetual Work in Progress, Frederick E. Webster, Jr.; 35. Recapturing Marketing's Mission, Leonard L. Berry and Ann M. Mirabito; 36. Holistic Marketing: A Broad, Integrated Perspective to Marketing Management, Kevin Lane Keller and Philip Kotler; 37. Back to the Future: Putting the People Back in Marketing, Steve J. Grove, Joby John, and Raymond P. Fisk; 38. Marketing Reform: A Meta-Analytic, Best Practice Frame for Using Marketing Metrics Effectively, John U. Farley and Praveen K. Kopalle; 39. Designing a Business from the Customer Back, Steven Haeckel; 40. How to Reform Marketing, Jagdish N. Sheth and Rajendra S. Sisodia; About the Editors and Contributors; Name Index; * Subject Index.
Many marketers fear that the field's time-worn principles are losing touch with today's realities. Does Marketing Need Reform? collects the insights of a select group of leading marketing thinkers and practitioners who are committed to restoring marketing's timeless values. The book sets the agenda for a new generation of marketing principles.