Civil-Military Relations in Today's China: Swimming in a New Sea: Swimming in a New Sea
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Civil-Military Relations in Today's China: Swimming in a New Sea: Swimming in a New Sea

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David M. Finkelstein
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Introduction; 1. Social Trends in China: Implications for the People's Liberation Army, Tony Saich; 2. The Impact of Social Changes on the PLA: A Chinese Military Perspective, Xiaobing Li; 3. The New Military Elite: Generational Profile and Contradictory Trends, Cheng Li; 4. The Fourth-Generation Leaders and the New Military Elite, Yu Bin; 5. The PLA and the Provinces: Military District and Local Issues, Zhiyue Bo; 6. The Political Implications of PLA Professionalism, Lyman Miller; 7. Unravelling the Myths about Political Commissars, You Ji; 8. Searching for a Twenty-First Century Officer Corps, Thomas J. Bickford; 9. Educating the Officer Corps: The Chinese People's Liberation Army and Its Interactions with Civilian Academic Institutions, Kristen Gunness; 10. China's Defense Budget: Is There Impending Friction Between Defense and Civilian Needs? Joseph Fewsmith; 11. The PLA in the New Economy: Plus Ca Change, Plus Ca Meme Chose, James Mulvenon; 12. Conscription: From the Masses, Sijin Cheng; 13. Demobilization and Resettlement: The Challenge of Downsizing the People's Liberation Army, Maryanne Kivlehan-Wise; 14. People's War in the Twenty-First Century: The Militia and the Reserves, Dennis J. Blasko.
Providing an examination of civil-military relations in China, this book reflects the changes taking place in Chinese society and their impact on the civil-military dynamic. It explores issues, such as the impact of AIDS, the defense budget, the emerging dynamic between the military and China's leadership, the role of the militia, and more.