The History Highway: A 21st-Century Guide to Internet Resources
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The History Highway: A 21st-Century Guide to Internet Resources

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Dennis A. Trinkle
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Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I: Getting Started; 1. The Basics: History of the Internet; * Uses of the Internet: Sending and Receiving E-Mail; * Note on E-Mail Addresses; * Note on E-Mail Security; * Reading and Posting Messages on Newsgroups; * Reading and Posting Messages on Discussion Lists; * Word of Warning about Discussion Lists; * Blogging; * Some Blog Features; * Logging onto a Remote Computer with Telnet; * Transferring Files with File Transfer Protocol (FTP); * Browsing the World Wide Web; 2. Signing On: Getting on the Internet; * Hardware; * Software: Web Browsers and E-Mail Programs; * Netiquette and Copyright: General Netiquette; * Rules for Newsgroups and Discussion List and Blog Posts; * Copyright; * Evaluating Online Resources: Tools, Tips, and Terms; * The Web Today; * Information Literacy and Peer Review; * The Democratization of Information; * Evaluating Websites: What to Look For; * The Questions; * Bringing It All Together; * Searching the Web; * New Frontiers; * When in Doubt... ASK!; Part II: Internet Sites for Historians; 3. Futuring Methods, Practitioners and Organizations; 4. Future Issues; 5. General History; 6. Ancient History; 7. Medieval History; 8. Renaissance and Reformation History; 9. African History; 10. Middle Eastern History; 11. Asian History; 12. Australian and New Zealand History; 13. Canadian History; 14. Latin and South American History; 15. European History: General European History; * British History; * Eastern European and Russian History; * French History; * German History; * Irish History; * Italian History; * Mediterranean History; * Nordic History; 16. United States History: General United States History; * African-American History; * Native American History; * American West; * Colonial American History; * Revolutionary America; * Early United States History; * American Civil War History; * Gilded Age and Progressive Era History; * The Age of FDR; * World War II; * The Cold War; * General Twentieth-Century United States History; 17. Women's History; 18. World History; 19. History of Computers; 20. History of Science; 21. History of Technology; 22. Holocaust Studies; 23. Legal, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights History; 24. Modern Military History; 25. Historiography; 26. Historic Preservation and Conservation; 27. Urban History; 28. Living History and Historic Reenactment; 29. Genealogy; 30. State and Provincial Historical Societies; 31. History Book Sources on the Internet; 32. History and Social Studies Organizations; 33. Maps and Images; 34. Resources for Teachers of History: K-12 and College; 35. Electronic Journals; 36. Libraries; 37. Archives and Manuscript Collections; 38. Special Collections; 39. Digital Collections; 40. Archival Exhibitions Online; 41. Environmental History; 42. Immigration History; 43. Oral History; 44. Business and Economic History; 45. Natural History; 46. Popular Culture; 47. Online Reference Desk; Glossary; * Index; * About the Editors and Contributors.
Intended for students, teachers and researchers seeking a guide to history sites on the web. This work provides information on more than 3000 web sites; covers US and World history and all sub-fields; and features ten chapters, with coverage of futurism, environmental history, immigration history, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern history.