The Development of Component-Based Information Systems
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The Development of Component-Based Information Systems

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Sergio de Cesare
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Advances in Management Informa

The Development of Component-Based Information Systems: An Introduction, Sergio de Cesare, Mark Lycett and Robert D. Macredie; Part I. Component-Based Development Methodologies and Systems Architectures; 2. An Approach to Component-Based and Service-Oriented System Architecture Design, Zoran Stojanovic, Ajantha Dahanayake, Henk Sol; 3. Toward a Component-Oriented Methodology to Build-by-Integration, Ali Dogru; 4. Principles of UML-Based Component Modeling, Colin Atkinson, Christian Bunse, Erik Kamsties, and Jorg Zettel; 5. Designing Flexible Distributed Component Systems, William F. Acosta and Gregory Madey; 6. Patterns, Pattern Languages, and Software Architecture for CBDi: The Lessons of the ADAPTOR Experiment, Alan O'Callaghan; 7. Techniques and Strategies for Testing Component-Based Software and Product Lines, Ronny Kolb and Dirk Muthig; Part II. Managing Component-Based Development; 8. Organizing for Software Product Families, Jan Bosch; 9. Business Engineering of Component-Based Systems, Marijn Janssen and Rene W. Wagenaar; Part III. Component-Based Development with Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Products; 10. Selecting Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Products, Hareton K.N. Leung; 11. Trading for COTS Components to Fulfill Architectural Requirements, Luis Iribarne, Jose Maria Troya and Antonio Vallecillo; About the Editors and Contributors; About the Series Editor; Index.
This work provides a comprehensive overview of research and practical issues relating to component-based development information systems (CBIS). Spanning the organizational, developmental, and technical aspects of the subject, the original research included here provides fresh insights into successful CBIS technology and application. Part I covers component-based development methodologies and system architectures. Part II analyzes different aspects of managing component-based development. Part III investigates component-based development with commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS), including the selection and trading of COTS products.