Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: A Pragmatic Approach. David L. Morgan
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Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: A Pragmatic Approach. David L. Morgan

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David L. Morgan
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Chapter 1. An Introduction and OverviewChapter 2. Pragmatism as a Paradigm for Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 3. Research Design and Research Methods
Chapter 4. Motivations for Using Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 5. The Sequential Priorities Model
Chapter 6. Preliminary Qualitative Inputs in Quantitative Research Projects
Chapter 7. Preliminary Quantitative Inputs in Core Qualitative Research Projects
Chapter 8. Follow-up Qualitative Extensions in Quantitative Research Projects
Chapter 9. Follow-up Quantitative Extensions in Qualitative Research Projects
Chapter 10. Multipart Sequential Designs
Chapter 11. Finding the Expertise to Combine Multiple Methods
Chapter 12. Conclusions: Further Thoughts About Research Design
This is a book about research design. In particular, it is about research designs for projects that collect both qualitative and quantitative data, so that their combined strengths will accomplish more than would have been possible with any one method. The approach presented here is broadly interdisciplinary, because Mixed Methods Research has interested social scientists from a great many fields, including: Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Education, Evaluation, Nursing, Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health, Sociology, Social Work, and Urban Studies. Because this book emphasizes practical research designs, it will be most useful to practicing researchers -- including both students who intend to pursue such a career and those who already devote their energy to collecting and analyzing data. Whether you are a student or a more experienced researcher, you will learn how Mixed Methods Research gets done in the real world.