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My Memoirs

Life's Journey through WWII and Various Historical Events of the 21st Century
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Taras Hunczak
Hamilton Books
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Prologue Chapter 1: Childhood
Chapter 2: Youth-Road to the Unknown
Chapter 3: In Search of the Future
Chapter 4: The Turbulent Eighties
Chapter 5: Ukraine's Declaration of Statehood
Chapter 6: Thoughts and Memories about my 1991 Trip to Ukraine
Chapter 7: Unforgettable Referendum December 1, 1991
Chapter 8: Independent Ukraine in Political Debates and Confrontations
Chapter 9: Between Conferences and Publications
Chapter 10: My Extended Family
Chapter 11: The Berlin Conference and Other Significant Events
Chapter 12: Maidan and its Aftermath
Photographs of Family, Friends and Distinguished Individuals
The first part of the book reflects the context of life within the totalitarian systems of Communism and Nazism. The author witnessed the mass deportations under Communism and mass executions of Jews, known as the Holocaust, and other tragic events during WWII, which left their mark on our consciousness. The memoir is a revealing story of the life of deportees, who spent two years in a camp working with the prisoners of war and then, after their liberation by the American Army, spent four years in Displaced Persons Camps. These life experiences constituted not only a period of various limitations, but also a time of psychological and intellectual development. The book conveys many details of those experiences and provides an insight into the complexities and a joyful success in the free society in the U.S.A.