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Life Beyond Spending

Spend Less, and Live More
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Ernesto Caravantes
Hamilton Books
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Part I - Reflections on Life beyond Spending
Part II - Enjoyable Low-Cost or Free Activities
Category I - Spiritual Activities
Category II - Home and Hearth
Category III - Nutrition and Health
Category IV - Lifestyle
Category V - Your Social World
Category VI - Being of Service
Category VII - Enjoy Nature
Category VIII - Arts and Crafts
Category IX - The Community
Category X - Cultivating the Mind
Part III - My Own Personal Journey
Ernesto Caravantes was among the multitudes of people who were affected by the Recession of 2008, the financial impact of which continues to be felt to this day. Rather than focus on how people can return to their former consumerist lifestyle, he decided to explore how people can trade one paradigm of conspicuous consumption for another of frugality and simplicity.The author uses a reader-friendly approach to exploring these issues, and combines both personal narrative and practical advice to make his point. With over one hundred easy-to-do fun ideas and entertaining activities that are free or very low in cost, the reader is shown the possibility of a life beyond spending. Caravantes explains that now is the time to embrace a simpler manner of living, one free of the constant need to spend and acquire. He also says that the human spirit can be nurtured by such a change. He emphasizes that it is our connection to others, to ourselves, and to the larger forces in the universe which ultimately matter the most