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7 Felonies-Part 1

One Woman's Journey Of Poor Choices
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Shapell Depree
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SHAPELL DEPREE gives you a glimpse of what happens to women when they feel a sense of not belonging and low self-esteem. In her journey, Shapell, like many made poor relationship choices in dealing with the loss of her mother and not having the guidance of her loving father in her life. 7 Felonies shows the correlation between the increase of women entering the prison system and women getting involved with the wrong men. Men are often manipulating, leading them unsuspectingly into a world of crime leaving them with low self worth---so deep that the only way out is incarceration or death. Depree is transparent in her memoir, hoping that women will become more conscious when choosing a mate, loving themselves first, and walk away when their intuition tells them something is not right with the man or his activities. Seeking to prevent women from ruining their lives and the lives of their children by way of incarceration or death, Ms. Depree knows first-hand that it only takes one mistake to land you behind bars. One arrest led to 7 Felonies and to the harsh reality that education and professional skills don't outweigh a criminal record.