Cities of Knowledge - Cold War Science and the Search for the Next Silicon Valley
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Cities of Knowledge - Cold War Science and the Search for the Next Silicon Valley

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Margaret Pugh O`mara
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247x164x28 mm
List of Illustrations and Tables ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction Discovering the City of Knowledge 1 PART ONE: INTENT 1. Cold War Politics 17 Frameworks, 1945-1950 18 Policy and Geography, 1950-1965 36 Conclusion 55 2. "Multiversities," Cities, and Suburbs 58 The Scientist in the Garden 60 Economic Development Solutions 75 Conclusion 92 PART TWO: IMPLEMENTATION 3. From the Farm to the Valley: Stanford University and the San Francisco Peninsula 97 A Western Retreat 99 Hot and Cold Wars 103 Land Development 110 A Model City 127 "The Battle of the Hills" 132 Conclusion 139 4. Building" Brainsville" : The University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia 142 Franklin's University and Its City 143 From Computers to Medicine 146 Industrial Decline and Urban Renewal 151 Building University City 158 Scientific Industry Comes to West Philadelphia 166 Controversy and Protest 172 Conclusion 180 5. Selling the New South: Georgia Tech and Atlanta 182 The New Industrial South 185 Postwar Growth and Postwar Power 190 Expansion and Entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech 201 Selling Atlanta in the Space Age 207 Research Parks, Office Parks, and Another Stanford? 216 Conclusion 221 PART THREE LEGACY Conclusion The Next Silicon Valley 225 Notes 235 Index 291
""Cities of Knowledge is an important work that reframes our understanding of the relationship between science, metropolitan development, and the Cold War state. O'Mara's creative synthesis of international, national, regional, and local perspectives combined with her explication of the tension between public and private development charts a course for future work in this field."--Brian Balogh, University of Virginia, author of "Commercial Nuclear Power, 1945-1975