Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction
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Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction

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Thomas K. McCraw
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This well-paced and beautifully written book explains not only Schumpeter's work but also the fast-changing phenomenon of modern capitalism. McCraw brings out Schumpeter's energy and charisma as well as the power of his ideas, quite skillfully linking the economist's colorful and adventurous personal life with the development of his views. This book is a fine tribute to a great thinker. -- Harold James, Princeton University A welcome book-a truly penetrating biography of the most influential theorist of finance capitalism. -- Edmund S. Phelps, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Economics A most compelling portrait of a complex man who has had a profound influence on how we think about entrepreneurship. -- Amar Bhide, Columbia University
* Preface * Part I: L'Enfant Terrible, 1883--1926: Innovation and Economics * Prologue: Who He Was and What He Did *1. Leaving Home *2. Shaping His Character *3. Learning Economics *4. Moving Out *5. Career Takeoff *6. War and Politics *7. Gran Rifiuto *8. Annie *9. Heartbreak * Part II: The Adult, 1926--1939: Capitalism and Society * Prologue: What He Had Learned *10. New Intellectual Directions *11. Policy and Entrepreneurship *12. Between Two Worlds *13. Harvard *14. Suffering and Solace * Part III: The Sage, 1939--1950: Innovation, Capitalism, and History * Prologue: How and Why He Embraced History *15. Business Cycles, Business History *16. Letters from Europe *17. To Leave Harvard? *18. Against the Grain *19. The Courage of Her Convictions *20. Alienation *21. Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy *22. War and Perplexity *23. Introspection *24. Honors and Resurgence *25. Toward the Mixed Economy *26. History of Economic Analysis *27. A Principle of Indeterminateness *28. L'Envoi * Epilogue: The Legacy * Notes * Acknowledgments * Illustration Credits * Index
Drawing on Joseph A Schumpeter's writings, including many intimate diaries and letters, this biography paints the portrait of this magnetic figure who aspired to become one of the world's greatest economist, lover, and horseman - and admitted to failure only with the horses.