XSLT Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for XML and XSLT Developers
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XSLT Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for XML and XSLT Developers

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Sal Mangano
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Cookbooks (O'Reilly)

A collection of detailed code recipes that breaks down everyday XSLT problems into manageable chunks. It helps you learn how to transform XML documents into PDF files, SVG files, HTML documents, and more. It covers topics such as: numerical transformation, XPath, date/time conversion, string manipulation, testing and debugging, and more.
Preface1. XPath
1.1 Effectively Using Axes
1.2 Filtering Nodes
1.3 Working with Sequences
1.4 Shrinking Conditional Code with If Expressions
1.5 Eliminating Recursion with for Expressions
1.6 Taming Complex Logic Using Quantifiers
1.7 Using Set Operations
1.8 Using Node Comparisons
1.9 Coping with XPath 2.0's Extended Type System
1.10 Exploiting XPath 2.0's Extended Type System
2. Strings
2.1 Testing If a String Ends with Another String
2.2 Finding the Position of a Substring
2.3 Removing Specific Characters from a String
2.4 Finding Substrings from the End of a String
2.5 Duplicating a String N Times
2.6 Reversing a String
2.7 Replacing Text
2.8 Converting Case
2.9 Tokenizing a String
2.10 Making Do Without Regular Expressions
2.11 Exploiting Regular Expressions
2.12 Using the EXSLT String Extensions
3. Numbers and Math
3.1 Formatting Numbers
3.2 Rounding Numbers to a Specified Precision
3.3 Converting from Roman Numerals to Numbers
3.4 Converting from One Base to Another
3.5 Implementing Common Math Functions
3.6 Computing Sums and Products
3.7 Finding Minimums and Maximums
3.8 Computing Statistical Functions
3.9 Computing Combinatorial Functions
3.10 Testing Bits
4. Dates and Times
4.1 Calculating the Day of the Week
4.2 Determining the Last Day of the Month
4.3 Getting Names for Days and Months
4.4 Calculating Julian and Absolute Day Numbersfrom a Specified Date
4.5 Calculating the Week Number for aSpecified Date
4.6 Working with the Julian Calendar
4.7 Working with the ISO Calendar
Forget those funky robot toys that were all the rage in the '80s, XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Transformations) is the ultimate transformer. This powerful language is expert at transforming XML documents into PDF files, HTML documents, JPEG files--virtually anything your heart desires. As useful as XSLT is, though, most people have a difficult time learning its many peculiarities. And now Version 2.0, while elegant and powerful, has only added to the confusion.XSLT Cookbook, Second Edition wants to set the record straight. It helps you sharpen your programming skills and overall understanding of XSLT through a collection of detailed recipes. Each recipe breaks down a specific problem into manageable chunks, giving you an easy-to-grasp roadmap for integrating XSLT with your data and applications. No other XSLT book around employs this practical problem-solution-discussion format.In addition to offering code recipes for solving everyday problems with XSLT 1.0, this new edition shows you how to leverage the improvements found in XSLT 2.0, such as how to simplify the string manipulation and date/time conversion processes. The book also covers XPath 2.0, a critical companion standard, as well as topics ranging from basic transformations to complex sorting and linking. It even explores extension functions on a variety of different XSLT processors and shows ways to combine multiple documents using XSLT. Code examples add a real-world dimension to each technique.Whether you're just starting out in XSLT or looking for advanced techniques, you'll find the level of information you need in XSLT Cookbook, Second Edition.