'what Does the Scripture Say?' Studies in the Function of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity
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'what Does the Scripture Say?' Studies in the Function of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity

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Craig A. Evans
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2, Library of New Testament Studi
Abbreviations List of Contributors Preface 1. Introducing "What Does the Scripture Say?": Studies in the Function of Scripture in the Letters and Liturgical Traditions - Craig A. Evans and H. Daniel Zacharias 2. "The One of Whom Moses Wrote": The Characterization of Jesus through Old Testament Moses Traditions in the Gospel of John - Alicia D. Myers 3. Text, Context, and Logical Analysis: A Reexamination of the Use of Psalm 82 in John 10.31-39 - Bryan A. Stewart 4. Does Paul Respect the Context of his Quotations? Hosea as Test-case - Steve Moyise 5. Paul and the Temple Scroll: Reflections on A Shared Engagement with Deuteronomy - David Lincicum 6. The Vindication of Agents, Divine and Human: Paul's Reading of Deuteronomy 30.1-14 in Romans - Kyle B. Wells 7. Intertextuality between Obadiah and First Thessalonians - David Luckensmeyer 8. 2 Corinthians 3.14, 18 as Pauline Allusions to a Narrative Jesus-Tradition - Eve-Marie Becker 9. Vision, Exegesis, and Theology in the Reception History of Habakuk 3.2 - Bogdan C. Bucur 10. The Greek Minor Prophets in James - Karen H. Jobes 11. Prayer Changes Things or Things Change Prayer:Innovations of Solomon's Temple Prayer in Early Jewish Literature - Michael D. Matlock 12. Praying Scripture: Rethinking the Role of Biblical Utterances in Early Jewish Liturgy - Elsie Stern Select Bibliography Index of References Index of Authors
This collection of essays focuses on the function of Scripture in the New Testament letters and liturgical traditions.