The Purrfect Murder
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The Purrfect Murder

A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
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Rita Mae Brown
182 g
175x106x25 mm
Vol.16, Mrs. Haristeen & Mrs. Murphy
Auch im 16. Mrs Murphy Mystery sind es Harrys drei Tiere, die die Morde aufklären.
Harrys Freund Tazio Chappers ist ein gefragter Architekt, mit reichen, aber auch sehr anspruchsvollen Klienten. Als eine der anstrengendsten Kundinnen tot aufgefunden wird, und daneben Tazio mit einem Messer in der Hand, müssen Harry und ihre Katzen helfen. The 16th book of this captivating bestselling series, with sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter. For fans of animal sleuths and clever mysteries!
It's autumn in cozy, idyllic Crozet, Virginia-a time for golden days, crisp nights...and murder. Mrs. Carla Paulson is one of the diamond-encrusted "come-here" set who has descended on Crozet with plenty of wealth and no feeling for country ways. She's determined to make her new house the envy of all her well-heeled friends-and enemies -and she's hired architect Tazio Chappers to build it. From the start, the project-and Mrs. Paulson-are a major headache for all involved. But no one could foresee that it would end with Mrs. Paulson stabbed to death at a gala fund-raiser with Harry's friend Tazio standing over her, holding the knife. Now Harry must solve what seems to everyone else an open-and-shut case. Her four-legged partners -sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter and corgi Tee Tucker-see it Harry's way. But will they have to choose between catching the purrfect killer and saving Harry?