Instant Relief
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Instant Relief

Tell me where it hurts and i'll tell you what to do
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Peggy W. Brill
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A physical therapist and author of The Core Program introduces one hundred ten-second exercises designed to help alleviate everyday muscle tension and spasms caused by stress and a sedentary lifestyle, presenting a head-to-toe series of fast and effective therapies that can bring instant relief.
A renowned physical therapist helps you get rid of your pain in just 10 seconds.

In this one-of-a-kind book, Peggy Brill, acclaimed author of The Core Program, shows you how to find relief from chronic and everyday aches and pains as well as all those stress-related pains that can attack so suddenly-whether you're at work, in a car or a plane, at home with your kids, recovering from surgery, or relaxing in bed. Instant Relief provides 100 clearly illustrated, easy-to-do 10-second exercises that provide immediate therapy for every part of your body-from your head to your toes.

- Does your upper body ache after hours of hunching over a report due by the end of the day?
Try doing the Brill Chicken. For extra relief,there's the Dead Brill Chicken.

- Desperate to get rid of that tension headache?
Try the Tongue Press, the Ear Tug, the Cheek Release, or the Scalp Glide.

- Is your lower back killing you?
Do the Pelvic Rock or the Pelvic Clock.

- Feel those calves cramping up again?
Do the Ankle Pump.

- Need something to relieve your aching feet?
Try the Foot Dome, the Toe Lift, or a simple self-massage.

- Does your knee hurt when you walk downstairs?
Do the Squeeze and Step.