Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories
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Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories

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Jeff VanderMeer
454 g
210x134x26 mm
"Delightful . . . A treat for dictionary hounds and vocabulary-challenged word lovers everywhere."-BooklistFor most of us, these prizewinning spelling bee words would be difficult to pronounce, let alone spell. We asked twenty-one of today's most talented and inventive writers to go even further and pen an original tale inspired by one of dozens of obscure and fascinating championship words. The result is Logorrhea-a veritable dictionary of the weird, the fantastic, the haunting, and the indefinable that will have you spellbound from the very first page.Including twenty-one stories and the inscrutable words that inspired them:Chiaroscuro: "The Chiaroscurist" by Hal Duncan Lyceum: "Lyceum" by Liz Williams Vivisepulture: "Vivisepulture" by David Prill Eczema: "Eczema" by Clare Dudman Sacrilege, Semaphore: "Semaphore" by Alex Irvine Smaragdine: "The Smaragdine Knot" by Marly Youmans Insouciant: "A Portrait in Ivory" by Michael Moorcock Cambist: "The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics" by Daniel Abraham Logorrhea: "Logorrhea" by Michelle Richmond Pococurante: "Pococurante" by Anna Tambour Autochthonous: "From Around Here" by Tim Pratt Vignette: "Vignette" by Elizabeth Hand Sycophant: "Plight of the Sycophant" by Alan DeNiro Elegiacal: "The Last Elegy" by Matthew Cheney Eudaemonic: "Eudaemonic" by Jay Caselberg Macerate: "Softer" by Paolo Bacigalupi Transept: "Crossing the Seven" by Jay Lake Psoriasis: "Tsuris" by Leslie What Euonym: "The Euonymist" by Neil Williamson Dulcimer: "Singing of Mount Abora" by Theodora Goss Appoggiatura: "Appoggiatura" by Jeff VanderMeer"This book is a logophile's dream-a left-field collection of stories inspired by winning words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Anyone who has ever spent an hour or two happily browsing the pages of a dictionary will find something to love here."-Kevin Brockmeier, author of A Brief History of the Dead