Shakespeare Survey: Writing about Shakespeare
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Shakespeare Survey: Writing about Shakespeare

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Peter Holland
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58, Shakespeare Survey (Hardcover)

Part I: 1. Having our Will: imagination in recent Shakespeare biographies Lois Potter; 2. Toward a new biography of Shakespeare James Shapiro; 3. Jonson, Shakespeare and the exorcists Richard Dutton; 4. 'Lending soft audience to my sweet design': shifting roles and shifting readings of Shakespeare's 'A Lover's Complaint' Heather Dubrow; 5. 'Armed at point exactly': the ghost in Hamlet R. A. Foakes; 6. Writing about motive: Isabella, the Duke and moral authority Anna Kamaralli; 7. Writing performance: how to elegize Elizabethan actors Tobias Doring; 8. Elizabeth Montagu: 'Shakespear's poor little critick'? Fiona Ritchie; 9. Rewriting Lear's untender daughter: Fanny Price as a Regency Cordelia in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park Clara Calvo; 10. The prequel as palinode: Mary Cowden Clarke's Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines Sarah Annes Brown; 11. Shakespeare among the workers Andrew Murphy; 12. Virginia Woolf reads Shakespeare: or her silence on Master William Julia Briggs; 13. Shakespeare and the invention of the epic theatre: working with Brecht Charles Edelman; 14. Dramatising the dramatist Peter Holland; 15. Shakespeare in drama since 1990: vanishing act Jill L. Levenson; 16. Writing about [Shakespearean] performance Michael Dobson; 17. Shakespeare and the prospect of presentism Ewan Fernie; 18. Writing Shakespeare in the global economy Mark Thornton Burnett; 19. The 'complexion' of Twelfth Night Janet Clare; 20. Translation as appropriation: Vassilis Rotas, Shakespeare and modern Greek Tina Krontiris; 21. How old were Shakespeare's boy actors? David Kathman; 22. Mistress Taleporter and the triumph of time: slander and old wive's tales in The Winter's Tale Marion Wells; 23. Shakespeare performances in Ireland, 2002-4 Janet Clare; 24. Shakespeare performances in England, 2003-4 Michael Dobson; 25. Professional Shakespeare productions in the British Isles, January-December 2003 James Shaw; Part II. The Year's Contribution to Shakespeare Studies: 1. Critical studies reviewed by Ruth Morse; 2. Shakespeare in performance reviewed by Emma Smith; 3. Editions and textual studies reviewed by Eric Rasmussen.
The theme for Shakespeare Survey 58 is 'Writing About Shakespeare'.