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Africa since 1800
The fifth revised edition of this well-known introductory text-book on Africa.
1. Africa north of the equator; 2. Africa south of the equator; 3. The opening up of Africa I: from the north-east; 4. The opening up of Africa II: from the Maghrib; 5. West Africa before the colonial period 1800-75; 6. Western Central Africa; 7. Eastern Central Africa; 8. Southern Africa; 9. The partition of Africa on paper 1879-91; 10. The partition of Africa on the ground 1891-1901; 11. Colonial rule in Tropical Africa I: political and economic developments 1885-1914; 12. Colonial rule in Tropical Africa II: social and religious developments; 13. The inter-war period, 1918-38; 14. North and North-East Africa 1900-39; 15. South Africa 1902-39; 16. The last years of colonial rule; 17. The road to independence I: North and North-East Africa; 18. The road to independence II: Africa from the Sahara to the Zambezi; 19. The road to independence III: Central Africa; 20. The long road to democracy in Southern Africa; 21. The politics of independent Africa; 22. Economics and society in independent Africa; 23. Into the third millenium; Epilogue; Suggestions for further reading; Index.
This book, the Fifth Revised Edition of a well-known introductory textbook, has remained in steady demand for the past forty years. The new edition covers events up to the middle of 2003, and takes account of the fresh perspectives brought about by the end of the Cold War and the new global situation following the events of September 11, 2001. It is also concerned with the demographic trends which are at the heart of so many African problems today, the ravages of diseases such as AIDS and malaria, and the conflicts waged by warlords fighting for control of scarce resources. Previous Edition Hb (1994): 0-521-41946-8 Previous Edition Pb (1994): 0-521-42970-6


Autor: Roland Oliver
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ISBN: 0521836158
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Autor: Roland Oliver
ISBN-13:: 9780521836159
ISBN: 0521836158
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2005
Gewicht: 780g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 228x152x27 mm