Torture and Its Consequences: Current Treatment Approaches
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Torture and Its Consequences: Current Treatment Approaches

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Metin Basoglu
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Current Treatment Approaches

Introduction M. Basoglu; Part I. Torture and its Consequences: 1. The prevention of torture and the clinical care of survivors: a field in need of a new science R. Mollica; 2. The physical sequelae of torture G. Skylv; 3. Psychosocial consequences of torture: current knowledge and evidence F. Somnier, P. Vesti, M. Kastrup and I. K. Genefke; 4. Psychological effects of torture: an empirical study of tortured and non-tortured non-political prisoners M. Paker, O. Paker and S. Yuksel; 5. Psychosocial consequences for tortured refugees seeking asylum and refugee status in Europe R. Baker; 6. Long-term effects of torture in former prisoners of war T. W. Miller; 7. The Holocaust: survivors and their children N. Solkoff; Part II. Theory: 8. Psychobiological consequences of severe trauma J. A. Saporta and B. A. Van der Kolk; 9. The role of uncontrollable and unpredictable stress in post-traumatic stress responses in torture survivors M. Basoglu and S. Mineka; Part III. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Classification: 10. Psychopathology of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): boundaries of the syndrome R. McNally; 11. Overview: the assessment and diagnosis of torture events and symptoms R. Mollica and Y. Caspi-Yavin; Part IV. Rehabilitation Programmes for Torture Survivors: 12. Organization of care and rehabilitation services for victims of torture and other forms of organized violence: a review of current issues L. H. M. van Willigen; 13. Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of torture survivors S. Bojholm and P. Vesti; 14. Sexual torture and the treatment of its consequences I. Lunde and J. Ortmann; Part V. Psychotherapy: 15. Psychodynamic approaches in the treatment of torture survivors E. Bustos; 16. Psychotherapy for torture survivors P. Vesti and M. Kastrup; 17. Current trends in the treatment of post-traumatic stress symptoms T. M. Keane, A. M. Albano and D. D. Blake; 18. Behavioural and cognitive approach in the treatment of torture-related psychological problems M. Basoglu; Part VI. Torture in Particular Countries: Experience with Survivors of Torture in their Home country: 19. Torture in Argentina D. Kordon, L. Edelman, D. Lagos, E. Nicoletti, D. Kersner and M. Groshaus; 20. Torture and the helping professions in South Africa T. Dowdall; 21. Torture in Pakistan M. Mehdi; 22. Rehabilitation of survivors of torture and political violence under a continuing stress situation: the Philippine experience A. A. Parong, E. Protacio-Marcelino, S. Estrado-Claudio, J. Pagaduan-Lopez and M. V. Cabildo; Part VII. Modern Ethics and International Law: 23. Modern ethics and international law B. Sorensen.
A classic publication in this field which serves as a scholarly yet very practical resource.