International Law, the International Court of Justice and Nu
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International Law, the International Court of Justice and Nu

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Laurence Boisson De Cha
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Comprehensive book analysing the ICJ Advisory Opinions on nuclear weapons handed down in 1996.
Preface; Introduction Laurence Boisson de Chazournes and Philippe Sands; Part I. Actors, Institutions and the International Court of Justice: 1. Who are the addressees of the Opinions? - Quels sont les destinataires des avis? Jean Salmon; 2. On discretion: reflections on the nature of the consultative function of the International Court of Jusitce Georges Abi-Saab; 3. ET and the International Court of Justice: reflections of an extraterrestrial on the two Advisory Opinions - ET ... la Cour Internationale de Justice: meditations d'un extra-terrestre sur deux avis consultatifs Jean-Pierre Queneudec; 4. The jurisdiction and merits phases distinguished Gavan Griffith and Chris Staker; 5. Reflections on the principle of speciality revisited and the 'politicisation' of the specialised agencies - Quelques reflexions sur le principe de specialite et la 'politisation' des institutions specialisees Pierre Klein; 6. Judicial review of the acts of international organisations Elihu Lauterpacht; 7. The WHO request Michael Bothe; 8. The WHO case: implications for specialised agencies Virginia Leary; Part II: Substantive Aspects: 9. Lotus and the double structure of international legal argument Ole Spiermann; 10. Non liquet and the incompleteness of international law Daniel Bodansky; 11. Treaty and custom Roger S. Clark; 12. Nuclear weapons and jus cogens: pre-emptory norms and justice pre-empted? Jacob Werksman and Ruth Khalastchi; 13. The question of the law of neutrality - La question du droit de la neutralite Christian Dominice; 14. The status of nuclear weapons in the light of the Court's opinion of 8 July 1996 - Le statut des armes nucleaires ... la lumiere de l'Avis de la CIJ du 8 juillet 1996 Eric David; 15. International humanitarian law, or the exploration by the Court of a terra somewhat to it - Le droit international humanitaire, ou de l'exploration par la cour d'une terra ... peu pres incognita pour elle Luigi Condorelli; 16. Jus ad bellum and jus in bello in the Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinion Christopher Greenwood; 17. On the relationship between jus ad bellum and jus in bello in the General Assembly Advisory Opinion Rein Mullerson; 18. Necessity and proportionality in jus ad bellum and jus in bello Judith Gardam; 19. The notion of 'state survival' in international law Marcelo G. Kohen; 20. The right to life and genocide: the Court and international public policy Vera Gowlland-Debbas; 21. Opening the door to the environment and to future generations Edith Brown Weiss; 22. The use of nuclear weapons and the protection of the environment - Le recours a l'arme nucleaire et la protection de l'environnement: l'apport de la Cour internationale de Justice Djamchild Momtaz; 23. The Non-Proliferation Treaty and its future Miguel Marin Bosch; 24. The Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinions: the declarations and separate and dissenting opinions Hugh Thirlway; 25. The perspective of Japanese international lawyers Yasuhiro Shigeta; Part III. The Opinions in their Broader Context: 26. Between the individual and the state: international law at a crossroads? Pierre-Marie Dupuy; 27. The Nuclear Weapons case David Kennedy; 28. The political consequences of the General Assembly Advisory Opinion W. Michael Reisman; 29. The silence of law/the voice of justice Martti Koskenniemi; 30. Fairness and the General Assembly Advisory Opinion Thomas M. Franck; Select bibliography; Index.
Most comprehensive book analysing the ICJ Advisory Opinions on nuclear weapons handed down in 1996.