Papers in Hellenistic Philosophy
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Papers in Hellenistic Philosophy

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Jacques Brunschwig
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Acknowledgements; Preface; Part I. Epicureanism: 1. Epicurus' argument on the immutability of the all; 2. Epicurus and the problem of private language; Part II. Stoicism: 3. Remarks on the Stoic theory of the proper noun; 4. Remarks on the classification of simple propositions in Hellenistic logics; 5. The conjunctive model; 6. The Stoic theory of the supreme genus and Platonic ontology; 7. On a Stoic way of not being; 8. Did Diogenes of Babylon invent the ontological argument?; Part III. Scepticism: 9. Once again on Eusebius on Aristocles on Timon on Pyrrho; 10. The title of Timon's Indalmoi: from Odysseus to Pyrrho; 11. Sextus Empiricus on the kriterion: the Sceptic as conceptual legatee; 12. The hoson epi toi logoi formula in Sextus Empiricus; Bibliography; Index of subjects; Index of names; Index of passages cited.
This collection makes available in English twelve papers by the distinguished French scholar Professor Jacques Brunschwig. The essays deal with problems arising in the texts and doctrines of the three major philosophical schools of the Hellenistic period - Epicureanism, Stoicism and Scepticism. The author's strategy is to focus on some specific problem and then to enlarge the conclusion of his discussion so as to reformulate or reassess some more important issue. The main subjects tackled are: problems in Epicurean cosmology and linguistic theory; aspects of Stoic logic, ontology and theology; the history of Scepticism; and analysis of some of the conceptual tools used by the Sceptics in their anti-dogmatic arguments.