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List of inserts; Preface; 1. Overview and overture; 2. Relativistic strings; 3. A closer look at the world-sheet; 4. Strings on circles and T-duality; 5. Background fields and world-volume actions; 6. D-branes tension and boundary states; 7. Supersymmetric strings; 8. Supersymmetric strings and T-duality; 9. World-volume curvature couplings; 10. The geometry of D-branes; 11. Multiple D-branes and bound states; 12. Strong coupling and string duality; 13. D-branes and geometry I; 14. K3 orientifolds and compactification; 15. D-branes and geometry II; 16. Towards M- and F-theory; 17. D-branes and black holes; 18. D-branes, gravity and gauge theory; 19. The holographic renormalisation group; 20. Taking stock; References; Index.
This book focuses on the technology of D-branes in Superstring and M-theory, presenting the main ideas and recent discoveries in a pedagogical manner. It will serve as an introduction to welcome and guide newcomers to this exciting field, and an indispensible reference for seasoned practitioners. The book starts by introducing the key features of string theory and the theoretical tools needed to get to grips with D-branes. It then builds up the subject in a logical way, discussing further aspects of string theory and advanced applications as the text progresses.


Autor: Clifford V. Johnson
ISBN-13: 9780521030052
ISBN: 0521030056
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Autor: Clifford V. Johnson
Clifford V. Johnson obtained his BSc in physics at Imperial College, University of London, and his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Southampton. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Physics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Durham, where he is part of the Centre for Particle Theory.

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Autor: Clifford V. Johnson
ISBN-13:: 9780521030052
ISBN: 0521030056
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2006
Gewicht: 1080g
Sprache: Englisch
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