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J Heath
588 g
229 x 154 x 27 mm
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction I 1. From Her Royal Body the Robe Was Removed: The Blessings of the Veil and the Trauma of Forced Unveilings in the Middle East Mohja Kahf 2. Shattered Vessels That Contain Divine Sparks: Unveiling Hasidic Women's Dress Code Barbara Goldman Carrel 3. Going the Whole Nine Yards: Vignettes of the Veil in India Roxanne Kamayani Gupta 4. Out of the Cloister: Unveiling to Better Serve the Gospel Laurene M. Lafontaine 5. The Amish Veil: Symbol of Separation and Community Jana Hawley 6. What is subordinated, dominates": Mourning, Magic, Masks, and Male Veiling Jennifer Heath 7. I Just Want to Be Me: Issues in Identity for One American Muslim Woman Pamela K. Taylor II 8. She freed and floated on the air": Salome and Her Dance of the Seven Veils Shireen Malik 9. He hath couerd my soule inwarde": Veiling in Medieval Europe and the Early Church Desiree G. Koslin 10. Nubo: The Wedding Veil Sarah C. Bell 11. After Eden: The Veil as a Conduit to the Internal Eve Grubin 12. Virtue and Sin: An Arab Christian Woman's Perspective Rita Stephan 13. Drawing the Line at Modesty: My Place in the Order of Things Michelle Auerbach 14. On the Road: Travels with My Hijab Maliha Masood III 15. Purdah, Patriarchy, and the Tropical Sun: Womanhood in India Jasbir Jain 16. The Veil: From Persepolis Marjane Satrapi 17. Concealing and Revealing Female Hair: Veiling Dynamics in Contemporary Iran Ashraf Zahedi 18. That (Afghan) Girl! Ideology Unveiled in National Geographic Dinah Zeiger 19. Burqas and Bikinis: Islamic Dress in Newspaper Cartoons Kecia Ali 20. Dress Codes and Modes: How Islamic Is the Veil? Aisha Shaheed 21. From Veil to Veil: What's in a woman's head is more important than what's on it" Sherifa Zuhur Epilogue About the Contributors Index
Veiling is a globally polarizing issue, a locus for the struggle between Islam and the West and between contemporary and traditional interpretations of Islam. This book examines the vastly misunderstood and multi-layered world of the veil. It explores and analyzes the cultures, politics, and histories of veiling.