Born Again Bodies
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Born Again Bodies

Flesh and Spirit in American Christianity
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R. M. Griffith
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Vol.12, California Studies in Food and Culture
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction: Perilous Body Gospels A Note on Reading the Images 1. Gluttons for Regimen: Anglo-Protestant Culture and the Reorientation of Appetite The Diet of Angels: Fasting in Early Modern Anglo-American Protestantism Gospels of Physick: Medicine, Methodism, and Mortification Rarefied Flesh: Sexual Regulation, Bodily Pleasure, and Perfection Phrenology and Somatic Authenticity 2. Sculptors of Our Own Exterior: New Thought Physiques Nothing but a Dense Shadow": The Body as Delusion? Corresponding Bodies Female Sexual Pleasure and Mystical Communion: Reproducing a Civilized Race Regimens Shaping Bodies to Come 3. Minding the Body: Divergent Paths of New Thought Perfectionism Living on Air: Gospels of Fasting, Conquest, and Purgation William Sheldon's Metaphysical Somatotypes God in a Body: Gastronomy and Black Power 4. Pray the Weight Away: Shaping Devotional Fitness Culture Shedd-ing Pounds: Scripture and Devotional Practice in Service to Weight Loss The Burgeoning Christian Diet Culture From Empathy to Authority: Shifting Models of Expertise Religious Devotion to Thinness Outside Mainstream Protestantism 5. Don't Eat That": Denial, Indulgence, and Exclusion in Christian Diet Culture Poisoned Bodies, Blemished Souls: Food as Taint and Transgression Loved on a Smaller Scale: Women,Weight, and the Divine Lover Above The Power of Perfection: Purified Bodies and Racialized Worlds Epilogue: Bodies in Crisis? Notes Primary Source Bibliography Index
"This is a wonderful book, well-conceptualized, written with style and wit, and impressive for its ambition, reach and achievement. R. Marie Griffith brings to the scene learning, theoretical subtlety, critical acumen, historical skill, and humane sensibility. She has emerged as one of the most sophisticated and insightful scholars of the Christian body in any period of Christian history."--Robert Orsi, Harvard University