Portrait of America
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Portrait of America

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Stephen B. Oates
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I. A TROUBLED PEACE. 1. James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton, Call Me Mister. 2. Eric Foner, The Checkered History of the Great Fourteenth Amendment. II. CONQUEST OF THE WEST. 3. Robert M. Utley, Sitting Bull and the Sioux Resistance. 4. David Laskin, Death on the Prairies: The Murderous Blizzard of 1888. III. THE NEW INDUSTRIAL ORDER. 5. Robert L. Heilbroner, The Master of Steel: Andrew Carnegie. 6. David McCullough, The Brooklyn Bridge: A Monument to American Ingenuity and Daring. IV. REFORM AND EXPANSION. 7. Paula A. Treckel, The Lady Versus Goliath: Ida Tarbell Takes on Standard Oil Co. 8. David R. Kohler and James W. Wensyel, America's First Southeast Asian War: The Philippine Insurrection. V. CURRENTS OF THE PROGRESSIVE ERA. 9. Edmund Morris, Theodore Roosevelt, President. 10. Sean Dennis Cashman, African Americans and the Quest for Civil Rights. VI. THE STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE AT HOME AND ABROAD (1914-1920). 11. William Lavender and Mary Lavender, Suffragists' Storm Over Washington. 12. Margaret MacMillan, A Tragedy of Disappointment: Woodrow Wilson and the Treaty of Versailles. VII. THE TWENTIES. 13. Peter Carlson, The Roaring and Repressive Twenties. 14. James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle, Justice Denied: The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti. VIII. LONG DARK NIGHT OF THE DEPRESSION. 15. T. H. Watkins, Under Hoover, the Shame and Misery Deepened. 16. James MacGregor Burns, Government in Action: FDR and the Early New Deal. IX. A WORLD AT WAR (1937-1945). 17. Doris Kearns Goodwin, Franklin and Eleanor: The Early Wartime White House. 18. William J. Vanden Heuvel, America and the Holocaust. X. TWO FIGURES IN THE WHIRLWIND OF WAR. 19. Michael Korda, Ike at D-Day. 20. Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, Oppenheimer: The Father of the Atomic Bomb. XI. PERILS OF THE COLD WAR. 21. David McCullough, Harry Truman: One Tough Son-of-a-Bitch of a Man. 22. Michael Dobbs, Lost in Space: A Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis. XII. A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. 23. Stephen B. Oates, Trumpet of Conscience: Martin Luther King Jr. 24. Marcia Cohen, Betty Friedan Destroys the Myth of the Happy Housewife. XIII. THE COLLAPSE OF THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY. 25. Larry L. King, Trapped: Lyndon Johnson and the Nightmare of Vietnam. 26. Otto Friedrich, I Have Never Been a Quitter: A Portrait of Richard Nixon. XIV. THE END OF THE COLD WAR. 27. Richard Brookhiser, Reagan: His Place in History. 28. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Some Lessons from the Cold War. XV. NEW AGE ICONS. 29. Walter Isaacson, Bill Gates: Enigmatic Genius of Microsoft. 30. H. W. Brands, Oprah Winfrey: The Celebrity as Entrepreneur.
PORTRAIT OF AMERICA is an anthology of essays written by some of America's most eminent historians. The collection maintains a loose biographical focus. The essays in this secondary-source reader humanize American history by portraying it as a story of real people with whom students can easily identify. More than 25 percent of the essays in the Tenth Edition are new, many from books that have been nationally and internationally recognized for their insight, accuracy, and timeliness, ensuring that the readings continue to be provocative and trustworthy. Each selection is preceded by an introduction for context, and a helpful glossary identifies important individuals, events, and concepts. Study questions follow each selection, prompting students to make comparisons between the readings.