Debating Democracy
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Debating Democracy

A Reader in American Politics
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Bruce Miroff
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1. The Founding: Debating the Constitution.
2. Democracy: Overrated or Undervalued?
3. The New Federalism: Does It Create Laboratories of Democracy or a Race to the Bottom?
4. Immigration: Does It Strengthen or Threaten American Democracy?
5. Political Economy: How Democratic Is the Free Market Economy?
6. Civil Liberties: Is Corporate Spending on Elections the Equivalent of Free Speech?
7. Civil Rights: Debating Same-Sex Marriage.
8. Church-State Relations: Was the United States Founded as a Christian Nation?
9. Digital Media: Do They Expand or Shrink Democracy?
10. Political Polarization: How Divided Are We?
11. Campaigns and Elections: Do Negative Ads Damage Democracy?
12. The Federal Budget: Is the Deficit a Threat to the Nation?
13. Congress: Can Our Representatives Serve the Public Good?
14. The Presidency: How Much Difference Does the Individual Make?
15. The Judiciary: How Should It Interpret Our Constitution?
16. Economic Inequality: A Threat to Democracy?
17. Foreign Policy: Has the United States Become an Imperial Power?
Designed to accompany any American Government text, this engaging reader features a debate-style format that includes two readings per chapter--each representing opposing viewpoints. The unique format and current content give this book a distinct advantage over other readers. The seventh edition incorporates up-to-date chapter introductions and new debates on issues such as corporate spending in elections, same-sex marriage, and negative campaigning for a fresh look at the hot-button issues in modern American government.