Europe in the Twentieth Century
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Europe in the Twentieth Century

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Robert O. Paxton
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1. Europe at the Zenith. 2. How the Great War Began. 3. The Marne and After, 1914-1917. 4. The Impact of Total War. 5. Revolution, 1917-1920. 6. The Paris Peace Settlement. 7. Revolution against Revolution: Fascism. 8. "Normalcy": Europe in the 1920s. 9. Mass Culture and High Culture between the Wars. 10. The Great Depression: Troubled Democracies, Rising Dictatorships. 11. Responding to Nazism: European Politics, 1933-1939. 12. Hitler's Aggressions, Europe's Appeasement, 1934-1939 13. Hitler's Europe: Conflict, Collaboration, and Resistance, 1939-1942. 14. From Hot War to Cold War, 1942-1949. 15. Reconstruction in the West, 1945-1949. 16. The Soviet Bloc, 1945-1964. 17. Western Europe, the Cold War, and Decolonization: Adjusting to a Diminished World Role. 18. Consumer Societies in the West. 19. Western European Politics, 1968-1989: Recession, Democratization, Détente. 20. Western Europe Since 1970: Societies and Cultures Transformed. 21. Science, the Arts, and Intellectual Life. 22. Eastern Europe, 1965-1985: Communism in Decay. 23. The Revolution of 1989 and After. Conclusion.
EUROPE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY offers a comprehensive, yet streamlined narrative of twentieth-century Europe. The scholarship and currency is top-notch as is the book's excellent consideration of important socio-cultural issues in the twentieth century, including youth movements and feminism.