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150 Masterpieces of Drawing

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Anthony Toney
Dover Publications
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1 "VITTORE PISANO, called PISANELLO (Italian, ca. 1390-1451)"2 "PETRUS CHRISTUS (Flemish, ca. 1420-1475)"3 Unknown Flemish master of the 15th century4 "MASTER OF THE HAUSBUCH (German, fl. Ca. 1475)"5 "PIETRO PERUGINO (Italian, 1446-1523)"6 "DOMENICO GHIRLANDAIO (Italian, 1449-1494)"7 "FRANCESCO FRANCIA (Italian, 1450-1518)"8 "LEONARDO DA VINCI (Italian, 1452-1529)"9 "FRANCESCO BONSIGNORI (Italian, 1455-1519)"10 "RAFFAELLINO DEL GARBO (Italian, 1466-1524)"11 "BARTOLOMEO SUARDI, called BRAMMANTINO (Italian, ca. 1468-1535)"12 "MARCO D'OGGIONO (Italian, 1470-1530)"13 "JAN GOSSAERT MABUSE (Flemish, ca. 1470-1541)"14 "ALBRECHT DÜRER (German, 1471-1528)"15 DÜRER16 DÜRER17 DÜRER18 DÜRER19 DÜRER20 DÜRER21 DÜRER22 DÜRER23 DÜRER24 DÜRER25 DÜRER26 "LUKAS CRANACH THE ELDER (German, 1472-1553)"27 "MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI (German, 1472-1553)"28 MICHELANGELO 29 MICHELANGELO30 "BERNARDINO LUINI (Italian, ca. 1475-1532)"31 "WOLF HUBER (German, 1480-1549)"32 "JÖRG BREU THE ELDER (German, ca. 1480-1537)"33 "ALBRECHT ALTDORFER (German, 1480?-1538)"34 "HANS BALDUNG, called GRIEN (German, 1480?-1545)"35 BALDUNG36 "RAFFAELE SANTI (RAPHAEL; Italian, 1483-1520)"37 RAPHAEL38 RAPHAEL39 RAPHAEL40 "URS GRAF. (German, 1485-1529)"41 "MARCO BASAITI (Italian, 1490-ca. 1521)"42 "FRANÇOIS CLOUET (French, 1510-1572)"43 "PIETER BRUGEL THE ELDER (Flemish, ca. 1520-1569)"44 BRUEGEL45 BRUEGEL46 BRUEGEL47 BRUEGEL48 BRUEGEL49 BRUEGEL50 BRUEGEL51 BRUEGEL52 BRUEGEL53 BRUEGEL54 BRUEGEL55 BRUEGEL56 RUBENS57 RUBENS58 RUBENS59 RUBENS60 RUBENS61 RUBENS62 RUBENS63 RUBENS64 RUBENS65 RUBENS66 RUBENS67 RUBENS68 RUBENS69 RUBENS70 "JACQUES CALLOT (French, 1592-1635)"71 "NICOLAS POUSSIN (French, 1594-1665)"72 "JAN VAN GOYEN (Dutch, 1596-1656)"73 "ANTHONIS VAN DYCK (Flemish, 1599-1641)"74 VAN DYCK75 VAN DYCK76 VAN DYCK77 "SALOMON VAN RUISDAEL (Dutch, 1600-1670)"78 "ADRIAEN BROUWER (Dutch, ca. 1605-1638)"79 "REMBRANDT HARMENSZ VAN RIJN (Dutch, 1606-1669)"80 REMBRANDT81 REMBRANDT82 REMBRANDT83 REMBRANDT84 REMBRANDT85 REMBRANDT86 REMBRANDT87 REMBRANDT88 REMBRANDT89 REMBRANDT90 REMBRANDT91 REMBRANDT92 REMBRANDT93 REMBRANDT94 REMBRANDT95 REMBRANDT96 REMBRANDT97 REMBRANDT98 REMBRANDT99 REMBRANDT100 REMBRANDT101 REMBRANDT102 REMBRANDT103 REMBRANDT104 REMBRANDT105 REMBRANDT106 "DAVID TENIERS THE YOUNGER (Dutch, 1610-1690)"107 "BARTHOLOMEUS VAN DER HELST (Dutch, 1610-1690)"108 "FERDINAND BOL (Dutch, 1616-1680)"109 "SIR PETER LELY (Flemish, 1618-1680)"110 "PHILIPS WOUWERMAN (Dutch, 1619-1668)"111 "JAN STEEN (Dutch, 1626-1679)"112 "JACOB VAN RUISDAEL (Dutch, 1628-1682)"113 "JAN VERMEER VAN DELFT (Dutch, 1632-1675)"114 "ANTOINE WATTEAU (French, 1684-1721)"115 WATTEAU116 WATTEAU117 WATTEAU118 WATTEAU119 "ANTOINE PESNE (French, 1684-1757)"120 "NICOLAS LANCRET (French, 1690-1743)"121 LANCRET122 "GIOVANNI BATTISTA TIEPOLO (Italian, 1696-1770)"123 "ANTONIO CANALE, called CANALETTO (Italian, 1697-1768)"124 "JEAN-BAPTISTE SIMÉON CHARDIN (French, 1699-1779)"125 CHARDIN126 "CHARLES-JOSEPH NATOIRE (French, 1700-1777)"127 "JEAN ÉTIENNE LIOTARD (French, 1702-1789)"128 "FRANÇOIS BOUCHER (French, 1703-1770)"129 BOUCHER130 BOUCHER131 BOUCHER132 BOUCHER133 "LOUIS AUBERT (French, 1720-1780)"134 "JEAN BAPTISTE GREUZE (French, 1725-1805)"135 GREUZE136 GREUZE137 "JEAN HONORÉ FRAGONARD (French, 1732-1806)"138 FRAGONARD139 FRAGONARD140 FRAGONARD141 FRAGONARD142 FRAGONARD143 FRAGONARD144 FRAGONARD145 FRAGONARD146 FRAGONARD147 FRAGONARD148 "HUBERT ROBERT (French, 1733-1808)"149 "AUGUSTIN DE SAINT-AUBIN (French, 1736-1807)"150 SAINT-AUBIN
This collection, never before published in the United States, presents art from the early fifteenth to the end of the eighteenth centuries. Selected with great care and impeccable taste by a highly respected artist and teacher, these drawings are the finest efforts of great masters of Western art, a rich and glowing collection that will be treasured by every art lover. The artists whose work is represented include world-famous greats of the Italian Renaissance, Flemish masters, members of the Dutch and French schools, and British artists. In addition to the expected, well-known drawings by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Brueghel, Rubens, Fragonard, Dürer, Raphael, and others of their standing, there are scores of brilliant efforts by lesser known geniuses: Francesco Francia, Mabuse, Huber, Breu, Urs Graf, van Goyen, Wouwerman, Antoine Pesne, Natoire, Basaiti, and many others. And instead of only pen or pencil drawings, the collection includes a wide variety of techniques: chalk, bistre, sepia, watercolor, crayon, charcoal, silverpoint, and pastel. But regardless of the medium used, each of the drawings is superbly reproduced. Lines are clear and sharp and shaded areas are rich in contrasts. As often as possible, the drawings are presented in full size, so that they are as close to the originals as they can be. Arranged chronologically by artist, the 150 plates are all described, the artist noted and his dates given and the technique used in each case stated in a detailed list of the plates.