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None But the Lonely Heart and Other Songs for High Voice

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Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Dover Publications
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Op. 6 (from Six Songs)2. "Speak not, O beloved (Nicht Worte, Geliebter)"4. Endless love (Die Thräne bebt)5. Why? (Warum?)6. None but the lonely heart (Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt)Op. 16 (from Six Songs)1. Cradle Song (Wiegenlied)2. Linger yet! (Warte noch!)4. "That simple old ballad, O sing me (O möchtest du einmal noch singen)"5. What care I? (Was nun?)Op. 25 (from Six Songs)3. Mignon's song (Mignon's Lied)4. The canary (Der Kanarienvogel)6. Some one said unto the fool (Einst zum Narren Jemand spricht)Op. 27 (from Six Songs)1. To sleep (An den Schlaf)3. "Oh, leave me not, friend of mine (O geh' nicht von mir, mein Freund)"5. Did my mother give me life (Hat die Mutter zu so schwerem Leide)Op. 28 (from Six Songs)1. "No, whom I love I'll ne'er reveal (Nein, wen ich liebe)"3. Wherefore? (Warum?)4. He truly loved me so! (Er liebte mich so sehr!)5. No word from thee (Kein Wort von dir)6. One small word (Ein einzig Wörtchen)Op 38 (from Six Songs)1. Don Juan's serenade (Ständchen des Don Juan)2. It was in early days of spring (Es war zur ersten Frühlingszeit3. At the ball (Inmitten des Balles)6. Pimpinella (Florentine Song)Op. 47 (from Seven Songs)6. Whether day dawns (Ob heller Tag)7. Was I not a blade of grass (War ich nicht ein Halm)Op. 54 (from Sixteen Children's Songs5. A legend (Legende)8. The cuckoo (Der Kuckuk)Op. 57 (from Six Songs)5. Death (Der Tod)6. T was you alone (Nur du allein)Op. 60 (from Twelve Songs)3. If you but knew (Si vous saviez)7. Song of the gipsy Girl (Lied der Zigeunerin)8. Farewell (Lebewohl)12. A night of stars (Sternennacht)Op. 63 (from Six Songs)1. Not at once did I yield to love's yearning (Nicht sogleich hat mich Liebe erfüllet)3. "Farewell, fond visions! (Fahrt hin, ihr Träume!)"6. "O my child, in the silence of night (O, mein Kind, durch die schweigende Nacht)"Op. 65 (from Six Songs)1. Serenade (Sérénade)2. Disappointment (Déception)5. Tears (Les larmes)Op. 73 (from Six Songs)6. "Yearning, I wait now alone (Weil' ich, wie einstmals, allein)"
One of the most expressive and versatile of the great nineteenth-century Romantic composers, Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky brought a sense of intimacy and emotional power to all of his music — whether for orchestra, opera, ballet, or art song. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians remarks on the characteristic charm of Tchaikovsky's songs, noting their "penetrating sweetness and sadness" as well as their "vocal excellence."In addition to the celebrated title work, this collection presents a rich selection of 40 enchanting melodies, including Don Juan's Serenade, Mignon's Song, Night of Stars, Serenade, Song of the Gipsy Girl, and other exquisite pieces for voice and piano. Featured texts by Goethe, Heine, Tolstoy, and other great poets appear in English and either German or French.