Turbulent Skies: The History of Commercial Aviation
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Turbulent Skies: The History of Commercial Aviation

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T. A. Heppenheimer
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First Stirrings. In Lindbergh's Path. The Watershed. This New Fire. Like the Red Queen. A Rising of Eagles. A Time of Unreadiness. Toward New Horizons. Passage Through Gethsemane. Search for Safety. European Renaissance. Shake-Up and Shakeout. Afterword: A Look Ahead. Notes. Bibliography. Index.
Turbulent Skies opens just after World War I, when intrepid aviators in fragile biplanes navigated by following railroad tracks. In Europe, with many overland routes in ruins, air transport provided a vital link for supplies and communication. And in America, as the escapades of the famous barnstormers thrilled a curious public, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and politicians alike seized upon the novelty...and earning potential. Commercial aviation came of age, and acclaimed author T. A. Heppenheimer takes us step-by-step through the ensuing decades, as discovery, development, and expansion bring the industry to its current globe-spanning status - with an annual revenue of $200 billion. Turbulent Skies comes alive with a wealth of fascinating personalities. Many of these names are familiar; some are legendary: William Boeing, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart, and, of course, Charles A. Lindbergh. Alongside these icons are such equally intriguing figures as Juan Trippe, under whose guidance Pan Am set the industry pace for more than forty years; Jack Northrop, whose revolutionary monoplane launched Lockheed; Cyrus R. Smith, autocratic president of American Airlines, who advanced the concept of passenger air travel; and the controversial Frank Lorenzo, whose willfully destructive war against the unions brought down Eastern Airlines. Above all, Turbulent Skies is a thrilling look at the amazing achievements of aviation technology. While twin engines, turboprops, and the Concorde SST are among the marvels that already have become reality, Heppenheimer looks to a future where space satellites will transmit landing signals and high-level air traffic control systems will be housed onboard aircraft. Compelling and informative, Turbulent Skies will enthrall aviation buffs and prove a valuable resource for all those interested in business and technology in the twentieth century.