Manufacturing the Bespoke
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Manufacturing the Bespoke

Making and Prototyping Architecture
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Bob Sheil
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6 Introduction Bob Sheil 14 From Making the Bespoke to Manufacturing the Bespoke Bob Sheil 28 The Bespoke is a Way of Working, Not a Style Stephen Gage 42 Models, Prototypes and Archetypes: Fresh Dilemmas Emerging from the File to Factory Era Mark Burry 58 Digital Craft in the Making of Architecture Michael Stacey 78 R-O-B: Towards a Bespoke Building Process Tobias Bonwetsch, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler 88 The Matter of Pochoir and the Imaging of the Maison de Verre Mary Vaughan Johnson 102 Soil and Protoplasm Designing the Hylozoic Ground Component System Philip Beesley 120 Wai Mer Road Peter Salter 132 The Fore Cast Mark West 146 Drawing Out an Indeterminate Duration Nat Chard 162 Incisions in the Haze Kate Davies and Emmanuel Vercruysse; Liquidfactory 174 An Interview with Frank Fantauzzi from Iceberg Project Natalija Subotincic 182 Grymsdyke Farm: An Enquiry into Making on Site Guan Lee 194 The Rural Studio: Between a Twister and a Hurricane Anderson Inge 208 Fractal, Bad Hair, Swoosh and Driftwood: Pavilions of AA Intermediate Unit 2, 2006-09 Charles Walker and Martin Self 220 Microstructure, Microstructure and the Steering of Material Proclivities Phil Ayres 238 Print to Protocell Rachel Armstrong 248 Large-Scale Additive Fabrication: Freeform Construction Xavier De Kestelier and Richard Buswell 256 Material Computation Neri Oxman 266 Models of Risk: Craft Past and Present in Prototyping for Human Space Flight Constance Adams 276 Index
The essential reader on fabrication in architecture for practitioners and producers alike
An original and informative reader on the subject of translating architectural ideas from conceptual propositions to physical manifestations, Manufacturing the Bespoke is an essential resource for students and practitioners of architecture, as well as producers and suppliers of architectural products.

At a time where roles, methods and capabilities within the disciplines of building production are in unprecedented flux, this book:
Provides a unique and highly current treatment on the subject of fabrication in architecture with its emphasis on contemporary technology, cultural history and theory
A key source book for students and professionals engaged in manufacturing/fabrication projects
Includes extended articles by internationally renowned critics, theorists, educators and designers, such as Mathias Kohler, Nevi Oxman, and Michael Stacey
Articles will examine and refer to key portfolios of the 20th and 21st Century including works by Pierre Charreau, Peter Salter and Rural Studio

Featuring essays from pioneering architects, engineers, academics and designers from around the world on both existing and yet-to-be-built projects, the book covers architecture across the ages.