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Encyclopedia of Life Sciences: Supplementary 6 Volume Set, Volumes 27 - 32

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences: Supplementary 6 Volume Set, Volumes 27 - 32

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The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS) Volumes 1-32 comprises the original 20 volumes of ELS (published in 2002), the supplementary Volumes 21-26 published in 2007, and Volumes 27-32 published in 2010.Volumes 21-32 bring together all the information that has been added to the online version of ELS on WileyInterscience® since publication of the first 20-volume set. Together, they provide readers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information in Life Sciences.Spanning the entire spectrum of the life sciences, ELS features more than 4,300 specially commissioned and peer-reviewed articles, making it an essential read for life scientists and a valuable resource for teaching. Aimed at researchers, students and teachers, articles provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage, written by leaders in the field.
Colour illustrations and tables accompany articles, with appendix and glossary material providing essential information for the non-specialist, including biochemical and taxonomic information, acronyms, synonyms, units and other technical data. All articles have been peer-reviewed to ensure a balanced representation of the literature.
Articles are divided into three categories - Introductory, Advanced and Keynote. Introductory articles have been written primarily for undergraduate and non-specialists requiring the basic concepts of a particular subject. Advanced articles provide a more detailed discussion of specialist subjects, equivalent to that found in graduate level texts. Keynote articles provide a platform for debate where controversial issues and 'hot topics' can be discussed.
Coverage includes:
· Biochemistry
· Cell Biology
· Developmental Biology
· Ecology
· Evolution and Diversity of Life
· Genetics and Disease
· Genetics and Molecular Biology
· Immunology
· Microbiology
· Neuroscience
· Plant Science
· Science and Society
· Structural Biology
· Virology

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Autor: Wiley
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Autor: Wiley
ISBN-13:: 9780470663677
ISBN: 0470663677
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2010
Gewicht: 12200g
Seiten: 3896
Sprache: Englisch
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