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An Unsafe Bet?

An Unsafe Bet?

The Dangerous Rise of Gambling and the Debate We Should Be Having
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Section I: Gambling is Growing.

1. The Extraordinary International Growth of Gambling.

2. The Rise of Gambling in Britain.

Section II: Gambling is Dangerous.

3. Gambling Addiction.

4. Modern Addiction Theory Applied to Gambling.

5. Does the Fault Lie in the Person or in the Product?

Section III: Gambling is Controversial.

6. Discourses of Gambling: ElevenWays of Talking About the Subject.

7. Public Attitudes Towards Gambling Are Negative.

8. The Costs and Benefits of Gambling for Society: A Hotly Contested Subject.

Section IV: Gambling Expansion is Not Being Challenged.

9. Governments Are Complicit in Supporting the Interests of the Gambling Industry.

10. Trapped: The Disempowering Effects of Failure to Challenge the Growth of Gambling.

11. Conclusions and Recommendations: The DebateWe Should be Having.



An Unsafe Bet? The D angerous R ise of G ambling and the D ebate W e S hould B e H aving reveals how gambling represents a danger to public health due to its inherent addiction potential, which is being intentionally downplayed by the gambling industry and governments.
Lays bare the extent of gambling and its effects on society
Exposes the dilemma for policy makers, who are charged with protecting public health but also increasingly dependent on revenues earned from gambling
Written by Jim Orford, an internationally respected authority on the topic
International examples broaden the argument and reveal the global stakes involved

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Autor: Jim Orford
ISBN-13: 9780470661208
ISBN: 0470661208
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Autor: Jim Orford
Jim Orford is Emeritus Professor of Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Birmingham. He is the author of several books on addictions including Excessive Appetites (1985, 2001), Community Psychology (1992, 2008) and, with colleagues, Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain (2003).

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Autor: Jim Orford
ISBN-13:: 9780470661208
ISBN: 0470661208
Verlag: Wiley & Sons
Gewicht: 442g
Seiten: 296
Sprache: Englisch
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Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 228x153x16 mm