Optical, Electric and Magnetic Properties of Molecules: A Review of the Work of A.D. Buckingham
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Optical, Electric and Magnetic Properties of Molecules: A Review of the Work of A.D. Buckingham

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D. C. Clary

The career of A.D. Buckingham (D. Clary, B. Orr). The scientific publications of A.D. Buckingham. 1. The electro-optic Kerr effect ( D.A. Dunmur). 2. Field-gradient induced birefringence: A direct route to molecular quadrupole moments (G.L.D. Ritchie). Addendum: Recollections by R.L. Disch). 3. Rayleigh and Raman scattering ( M. Bogaard). 4. Forces on nuclei (A. Stone). 5. Intermolecular forces and molecular moments (W. Klemperer). 6. Van der Waals molecules (T. Legon). 7. Solvent effects in vibrational spectra (C.G. Gray, C.G. Joslin). 8. Towards rotationally resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (C.A. de Lange). 9. Nonlinear optics (J.F. Ward). 10. Vibrational optical activity (L. Barron). 11. NMR chemical shifts: Theory and experiment (C. Jameson). 12. Anisotropic NMR (E. Burnell).
This book celebrates the career and scientific accomplishments of Professor David Buckingham, who is due to retire from his Chair at Cambridge University in 1997. The adopted format comprises reprints of a number of David Buckingham's key scientific papers, each one or two of these preceded by a review of the corresponding area of David's wide-ranging research interest. Each reviewer is recognised as an expert in that field of interest and has some close association with David Buckingham, as a scientific colleague and/or a former research student. The book should serve as a distinctive reference source, both retrospective and prospective, for the field of chemical physics with which the name A.D. Buckingham is associated. The editors opted to reprint a majority of early classic Buckingham papers, balanced by some of David Buckingham's more recent publications. Reprinted papers have been placed into a general scientific context that covers prior influences on, and later impacts by, the work nominated for review.