Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1996
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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1996

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E. Watanabe

Preface. Structural control for large earthquakes (T. Kobori). Typhoons, hurricanes and fluid mechanics (J. Lighthill).Vorticity Dynamics and Turbulence Euler singularities and turbulence (R.M. Kerr). Vortices in turbulent mixing layers (R. Moser). Vortices in rotating and stratified turbulence (O. Metais). Laboratory modelling of geophysical vortices (G.J.F. van Heijst, R.R. Trieling). Development of wall turbulence structure in transitional flows (M. Asai, M. Nishioka). Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow. Newtonian elastic liquids - A paradox! (D.V. Boger, M.J. Solomon). Computational and experimental studies of polymeric liquids in mixed and extensional flow (L.G.Neal). Aero- and Hydroacoustics. Acoustics of unstable flows (A.P. Dowling). The acoustics of ocean waves (M.J.Buckingham). Mechanics of Heterogeneous and Composite Solids. Notions of material uniformity and homogeneity (M. Epstein, G.A. Maugin). On micromechanics of inelastic and piezoelectric composites (G.J. Dvorak, Y. Benveniste). Fracture and damage of nonhomogeneous solids (V. Tamuzs). Mechanics of functionally gradient materials: material tailoring on the micro- and macro-levels (K. Tanaka). Structural optimisation of and with advanced materials (M.P. Bendsoe). Minimization of sound transfer by structural optimization (L. Gaul, P. Kohmann, D. Wittekind). Optimization and experiments - a survey (R.T. Haftka, E.P. Scott). Solid Mechanics in Manufacturing Optimum design of metal forming based on finite element analysis and nonlinear programming (E. Nakamachi). Quench stress and deformation: mathematical modelling and numerical simulation (S. Sjoostrom). Modeling large deformation and failure in manufacturing processes (D.J. Bammann, M.L. Chiesa, G.C. Johnson). Sectional Lectures. Some development of structural topology optimization (G.-D. Cheng). Kolmogorov-like behavior and inertial range vortex dynamics in turbulent compressible and MHD flows (A. Pouquet). Essential structure of the damage mechanics theories (D. Krajcinovic). Fluid-structure interactions between axial flows and slender structures (M.. Paidoussis). Composites: a myriad of microstructure independent relations (G.W. Milton). Plasticity: inelastic flow of heterogeneous solids at finite strains and rotations (S. Nemat-Nasser). Mechanics of saturated-unsaturated porous materials and quantitative solutions (B.A. Schrefler). Instability of plastic deformation processes (P. Wright, J. Stori, C. King). Multibody dynamics with multiple unilateral contacts (F. Pfeiffer). The fluid mechanics of natural ventilation (P.F. Linden). Down-to-earth temperatures: the mechanics of the thermal environment (R. Narasimha). List of contributed papers.
Presents a comprehensive review of the field of theoretical and applied mechanics.