Practice Management for Land, Construction and Property Professionals
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Practice Management for Land, Construction and Property Professionals

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Brian Greenhalgh
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Part One: The changing nature of professional work: introduction. - M Jeffries. the core values of construction professionals: Introduction. The client's need for professional values. Knowledge and values. values in the labour process. Recent empirical research. Implications for the management of professional practices. the impact of information technologies on professional advice: Introduction. Information technology: the strategic and the human resource dimensions. The impact of IT in the property profession: an overview. Empirical research: methodology. A prescription for success. Implications of the research for the property profession. the technical professional as a management consultant: Introduction. The changing environment. A view of the future. The traditional focus of the chartered surveyor. The challenge of new opportunities for surveyors. Conclusions. a new management theory for professional organisations: Introduction. The traditional professional firm. The recession. The flexible professional firm. Conclusions. Part Two: Managing professionalism and creativity: introduction - Sir M Latham. developing creativity as a core skill: Introduction. Creativity. Rationality. A creative cycle. Ethics. Creative skills. Development of creativity in the professional practice. human resource management and structured training: Introduction to human resource management. Some characteristics of professionals and professional service organisations. The development of human resource management (HRM). HRM as an agent of change. Introduction to structured training. The need for education and training. The results. investing in people: Practice management systems. 'Investors in people': the principles. The key stages to recognition. Practical illustration. managing teamwork and leading professional people: Introduction. Traditional approaches to management of the design team. Effective team characteristics. Contemporary approaches to construction design team management. Conclusion. leadership styles in professional fims: Introduction. The transitional professional practice. Leadership theories related to the traditional practice. The effect of new procurement methods on the professional practice. Leadership theories related to practices with diverse skills and services. Conclusions. Part Three: Marketing professional services: introduction. - Professor P Lansley. creating a sustainable competitive advantage and managing prequalification team presentaions: Introduction. Competitive advantage. Failure strategies. Sustainable competitive advantage. Project partnering. The management of prequalification team presentations in contractual services. Pre-qualification procedures. Inplementation of an effective pre-qualification strategy. marketing analysis and methods for professional firms: Introduction. Marketing. The marketing concept. T
Practice management for Land, Construction and Property Professionals presents the expert views and practical experience of researchers and practitioners concerned with the particular challenges and skills required to manage professional service organisations in the construction and property industries. The book provides extensive coverage of the following key issues: * management of creativity * marketing of professional services * professional ethics * quality management *business planning and strategic management Practice management for land, Construction and Property Professionals will be an important guide for those with management responsible in the property and construction industries. Students working towards qualifications in the property and construction professions will also find the book a valuable reference and source of advice.