Strategy Implementation
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Strategy Implementation

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Part 1: Strategy Formulation and Implementation 1. The Challenge of Strategy and Implementation 2. Formulating a Winning Strategy 3. Implementing a Winning Strategy through Strategic Allignment 4. Implementing a Winning Strategy Through Commitment Part 2: Strategy and Implementation for the Product Leadership Organization 5. What Does It Mean to be a Product Leader? 6. What Does it Take to be a Product Leader? 7. Strategy Implementation in Practice Part 3: Strategy and Implementation for Customer Intimacy Organziations 8. What Does it Mean to be Customer Intimate? 9. What Does it Take to be Customer Intimate? 10. Strategy Implementation in Practice : Studio 100 Part 4: Strategy and Implementation for Operational Excellence Firms 11. What Does it Mean to be Operationally Excellent? 12. What Does it Take to be Operationally Excellent? 13. Strategy Implementation in Practice: ING Direct USA
Strategy implementation - or strategy execution - is a hot topic today. Managers spend significant resources on consulting and training, in the hope of creating brilliant strategies, but all too often brilliant strategies do not translate into brilliant performance. This book presents new conceptual models and tools that can be used to implement different strategies. The author analyses how market leaders have benefitted from successful strategy implementation and provides the reader with a comprehensive and systematic framework to tackle strategy implementation challenges. Have clear strategic choices been made? Are actions aligned with the strategy? What's the organizational context for the strategy? In answering these simple questions, the book provides students of strategic management, along with managers involved in designing and implementing strategies, with a valuable resource.