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The Development of Economics in Japan: From the Inter-War Period to the 2000s

The Development of Economics in Japan: From the Inter-War Period to the 2000s

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Introduction Toichiro Asada Part 1: Inter-War Period 1. From Importation to Exportation: The Case of Kyoto University Economic Review Masazumi Wakatabe and Robert W. Dimand 2. The Lost Thirteen Years: The Return to the Gold Standard Controversy, 1917 - 1932 Masazumi Wakatabe Part 2: Post World War II Period 3. Japanese Contributions to Economic Theory from the 1940s to the 1970s Especially Focusing on the Development of Dynamic Economics Toichiro Asada 4. Two Great Contributions to Economics in the Inter-war Period and the 1970s, Profs. Hideo Aoyama and Takashi Negishi Toshiaki Hirai 5. Development of Debates on Monetary Policy and Deflation in Japan since the 1990s Asahi Noguchi
This book covers the development of Economics in Japan from the inter-war period to the 2000s focusing on the international theoretical contributions of Japanese economists. The first focal point is the international contributions of Japanese economists before and after World War II. The second focal point is the controversies concerning Macroeconomic policies in Japan in the period of the a Great Depressionsa (TM) in the 1930s and the period of Japanese a Great Stagnationa (TM) in the 1990s and the early 2000s.
In short, economics in Japan is considered from both a theoretical and a policy-oriented point of view. The intimate relationship between economic theory, thought and policy is also fully examined, as well as the development of both academic and non-academic (practical) Japanese economics and the influence of Marx, Walras, Keynes, Fisher and Cassell.

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Autor: Toichiro Asada
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Toichiro Asada is Professor of Economics at Chuo University, Japan.

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Autor: Toichiro Asada
ISBN-13:: 9780415664295
ISBN: 0415664292
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