Pragmatism in International Relations
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Pragmatism in International Relations

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Harry Bauer
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Introducing Pragmatism to International Relations Harry Bauer and Elisabetta Brighi Part 1: Pragmatism and the Theory of International Relations 1. Ten Points to Ponder About Pragmatism: Some Critical Reflections on Knowledge Generation in the Social Sciences Friedrich Kratochwil 2. Pragmatism, Legal Realism and Constructivism Harry Gould and Nick Onuf Part 2: Pragmatism as Social Research in International Relations 3. A Neopragmatist Agenda for Social Research: Integrating Levinas, Gadamer and Mead Patrick Baert 4. Pragmatism, History and International Relations 5. 'Returning Practice To The Linguistic Turn: The Case of Diplomacy' Iver B. Neuman Part 3: Pragmatism and Norms in International Relations 6. Pragmatic Constructivism and the Study of International Institutions Peter Haas and Ernst Haas 7. Pragmatism and International Law Siegfried Schieder Part 4: Limitations and Conclusions 8. 'Pragmatism's Boundaries' Mathew Festenstein Conclusions: On the Obstacles and Promises of Pragmatism in International Relations Harry Bauer and Elisabetta Brighi
This collection of essays introduces pragmatism to the study of international relations and evaluates its potential for the theory and practice of global politics. Seeking to reorient the discipline of International Relations (IR) towards practices and problematic situations, the editors of this volume draw on the pragmatist tradition to provide critical inspiration for this task. Their book, organised into four distinct parts, aims to outline the potential of pragmatism to reconstruct IR. Through such an approach this volume seeks to re-invigorate the discipline and bridge the gap between IR academic communities in the US, UK, and continental Europe.This pioneering volume provides: the first book-length evaluation of the potential pragmatism holds for the practice as well as the epistemological, theoretical and normative debates within the discipline of IR theoretical reflections and empirical studies in the area of diplomacy, international law, public (environmental) policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict highly original contributions by prominent scholars in the field of IR, International Law, Sociology and Social Theory Drawing on research from several disciplines, Pragmatism in International Relations will be vital reading for students and scholars of International Relations, International Relations Theory, and Social Theory.