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A Cultural History
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Peter Rietbergen
995 g
233x158x35 mm

""Discusses the cultural history of Europe from prehistory to the modern day. Includes illustrations, maps and case studies"--Provided by publisher"--
List of Plates. List of Maps. Prologue. Part 1: Continuity and Change: New ways of surviving 1. Before 'Europe': Towards an agricultural and sedentary society 2. Rome and its Empire: The effects and limits of cultural integration 3. An Empire Lost - An Empire Won? Christianity and the Roman Empire Part 2: Continuity and Change: New forms of belief 4. Towards One Religion for All 5. Three Worlds around the Inner Sea: Western Christendom, Eastern Christendom and Islam 6. One world, Many Traditions. Elite culture and popular cultures: cosmopolitan norms and regional variations Part 3: Continuity and Change: New ways of looking at man and the world 7. A New Society: Europe's changing views of man 8. A New Society: Europe as a wider world 9. A New Society: Europe and the wider world since the fifteenth century 10. A New Society: Migration, travel and the diffusion and integration of culture in Europe 11. A New Society: The 'Republic of Letters' as a virtual and virtuous world against a divided world 12. A New Society: From Humanism to the Enlightenment Part 4:Continuity and Change: New forms of consumption and communication 13. Europe's Revolutions: Freedom and consumption for all? 14. Progress and its Discontents: Nationalism, economic growth and the question of cultural certainties 15. Europe and the Other Worlds 16. The 'Decline of the Occident' - The Loss of a Dream? From the nineteenth to the twentieth century 17. Towards a New Europe? Epilogue. Notes. Index
This third edition of Peter Rietbergen's highly acclaimed Europe: A Cultural History provides a major and original contribution to the study of Europe. From ancient Babylonian law codes to Pope Urban's call to crusade in 1095, and from Michelangelo on Italian art in 1538 to Sting's lyrics in the late twentieth century, the cultural history of Europe is a diverse and wide-ranging subject. This exceptional text expertly condenses, explains and introduces it to the reader in a thorough and highly readable style.