Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics
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Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics

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Jeffrey Haynes
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Routledge International Handbo
1. Introduction Jeffrey Haynes Part 1: 'The World Religions and Politics' 2. Buddhism and Politics Peter Friedlander 3. Christianity: Protestantism Paul Freston 4. The Catholic Church and Catholicism in global politics Allen Hertzke 5. Confucianism, from above and below Michael Barr 6. Hinduism James Chiriyankandath 7. Sunni Islam and politics Andrea Teti and Andrea Mura 8. Shiism and politics Mohammad Nafissi 9. Judaism and the state Shmuel Sandler Part 2: 'Religion and Governance' 10. Secularisation and Politics Steve Bruce 11. Religious fundamentalisms Jeffrey Haynes 12. Religion and the State John Madeley 13. Does God Matter, and If So whose God? Religion and Democratization John Anderson 14. Religion and political parties Clyde Wilcox and Payam Mohseni 15. Religion and civil society David Herbert 16. Religious commitment and socio-political orientations: Different patterns of compartmentalisation among Muslims and Christians? Thorleif Pettersson Part 3: 'Religion and International Relations' 17. Integrating Religion into International Relations Theory Jonathan Fox 18. Religion and Foreign Policy Jeffrey Haynes 19. Transnational Religious Actors and International Relations Giorgio Shani 20. Religion and globalisation David Wessels Part 4: 'Religion, Security and Development' 21. On the Nature of Religious Terrorism Rohan Gunaratna and Adam Dolnik 22. Conflict prevention and peacebuilding Atsuhiro Katano 23. Religion and Women: Canadian Women's Religious Volunteering: Compassion, Connections, and Comparisons Brenda O'Neill 24. Faith-based development aid Gerard Clarke 25. Religion, climate change and human suffering Noah Tully
From the United States to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, religion has become an increasingly important factor in political activity and organisation. This handbook provides a global survey of the interaction of religion and politics.