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Rush Oh!
Virago's lead debut for 2016, Rush Oh! is a deeply moving and captivating novel that will capture readers' imaginations and launch a brilliant new voice in fiction.
Rush Oh! tells the unforgettable tale of a close knit whaling community in New South Wales, where a bright young woman struggles with sibling rivalry, a stern father, and falling in love with John Beck, a man with a shady past - all against the harshly uncompromising and astonishingly delineated backdrop of a 1908 whaling enterprise.
Eldest daughter Mary tells us her story as a loving document of remembrance, ostensibly for her younger relatives, but as the pages pass we learn how her fierce longing for the itinerant John Beck and the growing complexity of her relationship with her glamorous sister Louisa, herself involved in a forbidden love affair, have shaped and moulded her.

Shirley Barrett's debut novel is a celebration of an exceptional episode in Australian history, when a pod of Killer whales and a family of whalers formed a fond, unique allegiance - the Killer whales, each given individual names and personalities, actually helped the whalers to ensnare their prey in return for the first pickings of the captured animal.

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    Australien / Roman, Erzählung; Australische Belletristik / Roman, Erzählung; Englische Bücher / Belletristik / Roman, Erzählung


Autor: Shirley Barrett
ISBN-13: 9780349006635
ISBN: 0349006636
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 358
Gewicht: 393 g
Format: 213x134x30 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Autor: Shirley Barrett
Shirley Barrett is best known for her work as a screenwriter and director. Shirley's first film, Love Serenadewon the Camera D'Or (Best First Feature) at Cannes Film Festival in 1996. The script for her most recent filmSouth Solitary won the Queensland Premier's Prize (script) 2010, the West Australian Premier's Literary Prize (script) 2010, and the West Australian Premier's Prize 2010. RUSH OH! is Shirley's first novel. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Autor: Shirley Barrett
ISBN-13:: 9780349006635
ISBN: 0349006636
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.02.2016
Verlag: Little, Brown Book Group
Gewicht: 393g
Seiten: 358
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 213x134x30 mm